A List Of 40+ Sites That Will Help You License Your Music

A common way of getting your music licensed is to go through intermediaries. These are organizations that work closely with creatives, companies and whomever else needs music to license. Below is a list of licensing companies that Musformation knows to be reputable. If you are looking to license your cover songs, we highly recommend Affordable Song Licensing. Pump Audio Pump Audio (pumpaudio.com) is a division of Getty Images, one the biggest names in image licensing. One of the benefits of listing with Pump Audio is that you get pushed to Getty Image‚Äôs large clientele. The down side is their rates aren’t very musician friendly. They feature the following: No submission fee. More than 100,000 placements. Musicians get 35 percent of earnings. Non-exclusive, so you can use other sites/services to license your music. Rumblefish Rumblefish (rumblefish.com) does just about everything a licensing company can do, but is most famous for getting your music inside retail store playlists through its unique sonic branding. They do strong placements for soundtracks in stores and other branded experiences for consumers. The feature the following: No submission fee. Non-exclusive. You receive 50 percent of net licensing fees. One-year-term. They run Friendly Music, which licenses music for … Continue reading A List Of 40+ Sites That Will Help You License Your Music