Anthony Ruggiero (Photographer)


Based out of Northern New Jersey, Anthony Ruggiero a freelance photographer has spent most of his young life exploring his passion for the arts as a musician, traveler and more recently, photographer.

Anthony has traveled the United States, Canada, and Europe as a photographer, musician, and a team member for the artists he works with. His versatility in the arts and travel experience has broadened his horizons, contributing to his adaptability and inclination to work on diverse projects. Anthony does, however, have a distinct style that captures the honesty of artists and peculiarity of reality.

Anthony has worked with artists including Being as an Ocean, Can't Swim, Rituals of Mine, and Polyphia, to name a few. Simple-hearted, open-minded, and easy to work with on a creative level, he is always striving to learn and grow on all his assignments as with every encounter.

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