Anton Delost


Anton DeLost is a producer/engineer/mixer/musician based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, his dual citizenship allows him to work freely in the US. 

In 2007 and at age 15, he decided to start a small basement studio for local bands to get decent recordings for an extremely affordable price. While attending OIART (Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology) in 2011, he had several students assisting him outside of classes at his home studio. He now co-owns and operates a professional studio in downtown Toronto. He has also toured Canada and the US playing guitar/singing and toured the UK and Europe playing drums. This strong sense and understanding of musicianship and songwriting is backed up by his attention to detail and uniqueness in the studio.

His newly renovated studio is stocked with a beautiful sounding live room, top of the line preamps, outboard compression & EQ, instruments and amps. And as mentioned above, he isn't restricted to his own studio; he has travelled to the US and UK to work on records. His long list of reputable clients includes labels like Pure Noise, InVogue, New Damage, Father/Daughter, Mutant League Records and other smaller local labels.
When listening to Anton's work with bands like Into It. Over It., Seaway, Liferuiner, or Curses, it becomes evident that Anton's influence on a record extends beyond sonic quality; he excels at fostering unique, creative songwriting and arrangements with his clients while helping them capture their desired sound and overall vibe. Pushing his artists to reach limits they didn't think they could reach, capturing the takes right in the session and not relying on editing or mixing and ultimately bringing a final product to fruition that they couldn't have imagined.

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2016BearingsHome Is...N/AP/M/E
2016Bitter KidsN/AN/AP/M/E
2016First GhostSecret TalkN/AP/M/E/W
2016Go To The WestN/AN/AP/M/E
2016Into It. Over It.Split with World IsN/AP/M/E
2016Yeah RightN/AN/AP/M/E
2016As We BreakDead TonguesN/AP/M/E
2015CursesThe BridgeN/AP/M/E
2015The MaddigansNo Place Like HereN/AM
2015LiferuinerI AM (Single)InVogue RecordsP/M/E/W
2015Into It. Over It.Embracing Facts (Single)Father/Daughter RecordsP/M/E/MA
2015Ready The PrinceRTPN/AP/M/E
2015GutterLosing Symmetry (Single)N/AP/M/E/MA
2015ParksideBurnt OutN/AP/M/E
2014SeawayAll In My HeadPure Noise/New DamageP/M/E
2014First GhostReal EyesN/AP/M/E/W
2014GutterMiserable (Single)N/AP/M/E/MA
2014HarbourSorry, Not Sorry (Single)N/AP/M/E/MA
2014Months & YearsCopeN/AP/M/E/MA
2014ParksideStained SheetsN/AP/M/E/MA
2013SeawayHoserMutant League/Pure NoiseP/M
2013As We BreakHopeless DaysN/AP/M/E/MA
2013Left Hand PathSplit with At OddsN/AP/M/E/MA
2013LiferuinerPoison The Well (Cover)N/AP/M/E/MA
2013Like PacificStay Pissed (Single)N/AP/M/E/MA
2013SeawayClean Yourself UpMutant League RecordsP/M/E/MA
2013UTKFSet The FireN/AP/M/E/W
2013Yeah RightThe Wanderlust EPN/AP/M/E
2012LiferuinerPropagandhi (Cover)N/AP/M/E/MA
2010UTKFTakin' Out The TrashN/AP/M/E/MA/W
2009UTKFWelcome To The Real WorldN/AP/M/E/MA/W

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