Brandon Metcalf


Hey, I'm Brandon. I'm a music producer, engineer, and mixer. My studio and production company is called Destiny Nashville. I have an amazing team of musicians, songwriters, engineers, and more in place to help me bring every project to life. I work hard, and I love what I do. I'm still not where I want to be, and I don't think I ever will be, but that just means I'll never stop learning and growing every single day.

I've been blessed to be able to work with incredible artists in a number of genres. I love all kinds of music and love being able to bounce around from country to rock, singer-songwriter to pop, and everything in between. I stay very busy and every project is important to me. I care about every single one, whether its a demo for an aspiring songwriter or a radio single for a major label.

When I'm not in the studio (which isn't often), you'll probably find me watching movies or out on the lake wakeboarding or wakesurfing. I also try to stay involved as a volunteer in church groups and a number of music-industry and business/entrepreneurship conferences, groups, programs, etc.

Life is meant to be fun. Happiness is a choice. I choose happy.

Featured Records


Record A Song

A song recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered, ready to be released. Everything included.

Mix A Song

Get your song mixed including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.

Master A Song

Get your song mastered including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2015KaptanSinglesSouth X Sea RecordsP / M / E
2015Blues TravelerBlow Up The MoonLoud & ProudP / W
2014Secondhand SerenadeUndefeatedIndependentP / E / W
2014Tony LuccaTony LuccaIndependentE
2012The Classic CrimePhoenixIndependentE

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