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Brian Tice is an independent filmmaker and photographer based in Toms River, New Jersey. Primarily, Brian works alongside artists, and accommodating associates, of the music industry. Always having an interest in filmmaking Brian decided to keep furthering his education after high school. However, that education wouldn't be by the way of a traditional college university. Brian taught himself everything he could based on the information he could find throughout the internet, books, and hands-on field experience. Scanning a countless amount of reviews, instructional videos, discussion boards, and much more, Brian continued to learn about a craft.

Now, he is well versed in multiple platforms in both photography and videography. Recently he's had the great pleasure of working with music sensations such as Mumford & Sons, Glass Animals, The Flaming Lips, The Front Bottoms, Diarreah Planet, and many more. While being a music photographer, photojournalist, and filmmaker, Brian has also managed to take on creative and art direction, thus working alongside companies such as Bai Brands and Stetson. Brian continues to strive to take his documentation of American culture, music, and events to new grounds while building new relationships along the way.

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