Carolyn Ambriano (Photographer)


Carolyn is driven by a love of music in all its forms, and the desire to capture musicians in ways that showcase their unique personalities. As an award-winning photographer, Carolyn has toured with multitude groups across the United States, creating images that inspire and engage along the way. As a designer, Carolyn has developed digital and print pieces ranging from T-shirts and flyers to album art and band logos.

Carolyn’s style is fearless and personal. She developed her individualistic approach to photography during her studies at Antonelli Institute in Philadelphia. Upon graduation, she had a short stint as an art director in New York, then moved to Florida to pursue event photography, finding the energy and vitality of up-and-coming performers to be a perfect fit with her stylistic ability to manipulate raw images into vibrant portraits of bands in action. She has been an official photographer at many music scenes, including Fest and Southeast Beast.

Her designs have been featured by Everyone Leaves, Debris, Bogues, and Starter Garden, along with many others and have appeared in the form of concert merchandise, online ads, venue flyers, and more. There’s even someone who liked her artwork for The Bogues so much, they got a tattoo of it.

Carolyn may be a creative artist, but she is reliable. When she says she’s going to do something, she does it, and her work is always top quality and delivered on time.

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