Casey Bates


Casey Bates lives in Seattle and has worked with some of your favorite bands including Portugal The Man, Chiodos, Pierce The Veil, Memphis May Fire, Gatsbys American Dream, He Is We, Foxy Shazam, MxPx, This Providence and Forgive Durden.

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2015The Money PitSelf TitledIndependentP / M / E
2015Portugal The ManUpcoming LPAtlanticE
2015Northern FacesSelf TitledEqual VisionP / M / E
2015Lakeview DriveEPIndependentP / M / E
2014Portugal The ManHeavy Games singleAtlanticP / M / E
20103OH!3Don't Trust Me (Casey Bates Remix)HopelessM
2013Portugal The ManEvil FriendsAtlanticE
2011Portugal The ManIn The Mountain In The CloudAtlanticP / E
2010He Is WeMy ForeverUniversal MotownP / E
2010InxsOriginal SinAtcoE
2007ChiodosBone Palace BalletEqual VisionP / E
2007Portugal. The ManChurch MouthFearlessP / M / E
2007Pierce The VeilA Flair For The DramaticEqual VisionP / M / E
2008Foxy ShazamIntroducingFerret MusicP / M / E
2006Portugal. The ManWaiter: You Vultures!FearlessP / M / E
2009A Skylit DriveAdelphiaFearlessP / E
2010Isles & GlaciersThe Hearts Of Lonely PeopleEqual VisionP / E
2006Fear BeforeThe Always Open MouthEqual VisionP / M / E
2008Dr ManhattanSelf TitledVagrantM
2006Heavy Heavy Low LowEverything's Watched…Ferret MusicP / M / E
2008Fear BeforeSelf TitledEqual VisionP / M / E
2006Gatsbys American DreamSelf TitledFearlessP / M / E
2005Gatsbys American DreamVolcanoFearlessP / M / E
2004Gatsbys American DreamIn The Land Of Lost MonstersLLRP / M / E
N/AThe Number 12 Looks Like YouMongrelEyeballP / M / E
N/AMxPxOn The Cover IITooth & NailM
N/AThis ProvidenceSelf TitledFueled By RamenP / M / E
N/AForgive DurdenRazia's ShadowFueled By RamenP / M / E
N/AForgive DurdenWonderlandFueled By RamenP / M / E
N/AMemphis May FireSleepwalkingTrustkillP / M / E

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