Davey Warsop


Davey Warsop is a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer and mixer from Birmingham, England. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles and Orange County, in Southern California.

He has worked with and alongside bands, artists and producers such as Foo Fighters, Butch Vig, Weezer, Bad Religion, Tre Cool (Green Day), The Used, Matt Skiba, Josh Freeze (Devo, Nine Inch Nails), NOFX, Cameron Webb, John Feldmann, Alan Moulder, Bill Stevenson and Frank Turner.

Davey is the singer and guitarist in Sharp Shock.

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“Vanishing“Chuck“The“Raneri”“Skiba“ “BadCop”


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2016Bad BooksDaytrotter 12"Favorite GentlemanMa
2016Brand New3 Demos, ReworkedProcrastinate Music TraitorMa
2016RompDepartures From VenusBad Timing RecordsP / E / M /MA
2016NOFXSid & NancyFat WreckchordsMa
2016Morning GloryPost-War SongsAnxious & AngryP / E / M / Ma
2016Kevin Devine / Jesse LaceyDevinyl SplitBad Timing RecordsMa
2016Cold Wrecks Breaking SelfP / E / M / Ma
2016DalekAsphalt For EdenProfound LoreM
2015Real FriendsThree Songs About The Past Year of My LifeBad Timing RecordsMa
2015Sudden SuspensionThere's A Bigger Picture HereBad Timing RecordsMa
2015Franchise Santa Muerte EPSelfP / E / M / Ma
2015Hey AnnaRun KokoSelfP / E / M
2015Have A Good SeasonJosephSelf M / Ma
2015Stories Of LivingSave Your BreathStandbyP / E / M / Ma
2015All Get OutThe SeasonBad Timing RecordsMa
2015Leftover Crack III Constructs Of The StateFat WreckchordsM / Ma
2015Decades Similar Lights SelfP / E / M / Ma
2015All Get OutMovementBad Timing RecordsMa
2015Knuckle PuckWhile I Stay SecludedBad Timing RecordsPreprod
2015Head North BloodlinesBad Timing RecordsMa
2014Romp Sorry, Not SorryBad Timing RecordsP / E / M / Ma
2014Kevin DevineBrother's BloodBad Timing RecordsMa
2014Morning Glory War PsalmsFat WreckchordsP / E / M / Ma
2014The Stolen AdultsSelfP / E / M / Ma
2014Have A Good Season Last Picture Day Self M / Ma
2014ParkJacob the RabbitBad Timing RecordsMa
2014ValenciaWe All Need A Reason To BelieveBad Timing RecordsMa
2014Somos Split w/ Sorority NoiseBad Timing RecordsP / E / M / Ma
2014MansionsDig Up The DeadBad Timing RecordsMa
2014Osaka Popstar Superhero ManMisfitsE / M
2014Somos Temple Of PlentTiny EnginesP / E / M / Ma
2013Two Man Advantage DynastyDrug FrontP / E / M / Ma
2013Osaka Popstar/Juicehead Waiting RoomMisfitsE / M
2013Two Man Advantage DraftedDrug FrontMa
2013UnifierColoradoRound KidP / E / M
2013Acceptance PhantomsBad Timing RecordsMa
2013Hey Anna PompetteSelfP / E / M
2013Thief ClubMy HeavySelfMa
2012Morning Glory Poets Were My HeroesFat WreckchordsP / E / M
2012Thank You Scientist Maps Of Non-Existent PlacesEvil InkP / E / M
2012Sensual Harassment Disco HeartSelfM
2011Basement I Wish I Could Stay Here Run For Cover M / Ma
2011HandgunsDon’t Bite Your TonguePure NoiseM / Ma
2011Man Overboard S/TRiseP / E
2011Man Overboard The Human Highlight ReelRun For CoverP / E / M
2011Man Overboard The Absolute WorstRiseP / E / M
2011True ThingsAlone In My RoomLost Tape CollectiveM / Ma
2011Transit Something Left BehindMightier Than The SwordP / E / M / Ma
2011Handguns Forever Came Calling splitPure Noise M / Ma
2010Head AutomaticaShoot FrankDef JuxE / M
2010Brick + Mortar 7 Years In The Mystic RoomSelfE
2010Man Overboard Real TalkRun For CoverP / E / M
2010River City ExtensionThe Unmistakeable Man XOXOE
2010Transit Keep This To YourselfRun For CoverP / E / M
2009Man Overboard Before We MetLost Tape CollectiveP / E / M / Ma
2009Man Overboard Noise From UpstairsRun For CoverM / Ma
2009Twilight City FractureExistSelfP / E / M / Ma
2009The 12 Looks Like You "Imagination Express Jesse Cannon Remix"EyeballM / Ma
2009Menzingers Hold On DodgeRed ScareP / E / M / Ma
2009Man Overboard DahliaRun For CoverP / E / M / Ma
2008Man Overboard Hung Up On NothingLost Tape CollectiveP / E / M
2007Menzingers A Lesson In The Abuse Of InformationGo KartP / E / M
2007Star SpanglesDirty BombTickE / M / Ma
2007Bear Colony We Came Here To DieEsperanza PlantationM
2006Chase Pagan O’ Musica The Militia GroupP / E / M
2006Lady Radiator Bounce, Energy, Hear Me OutEmarld MoonM
2006Lifetime2 Song 7"Fueled By RamenP / E
2006ValenciaI Can't See MyselfPunk The ClockP / E / M / Ma
2006Permanent MeDear VirginiaI SurrenderE
2005Twilight City FractureEPSelfP / E / M / Ma
2004Bad Wizard#1 TonightTee Pee RecordsE / M
2004Leftover Crack Fuck World TradeFat WreckchordsE / M
2004Race The Sun The Rest Of Our Lives Is TonightFidelityP / E / M
2004Morning Glory The Whole World Is WatchingBlack NoiseP / E / M
2003Choking Victim Live In NYCTent CityMa
2003Shai Hulud That Within Blood Ill TemperedRevelationE
2003NorthstarIs Thing Thing Loaded?Triple CrownP / E / M
2003ConflictNow You’ve Gone and Put Your Foot In ItGo KartM
2003GBHHa HaGo KartMa
2003Misfits Project 1950MisfitsE
2002King Django ReasonEpitaphE / M
2002Animal Collective HollindaginPaw TracksE / M
2002Benny Mardones A Journey Through TimeGo KartE
2002INDK Kill WhiteyGo KartP / E / M
2002Hot Rod Circuit Been There/ Smoked ThatTriple CrownE / M
2002MisfitsThe Day The Earth Caught FireMisfitsE / M
2002Bad Wizard Sophisticated MouthTee Pee RecordsE / M
2001Two Man Advantage Don't Label UsGo KartM

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