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How do I read the credits on the discographies?
Here is how to decipher each producer's credits.

What Happens If The Producer Cancels On Me?
Your deposit will be refunded immediately. We have vetted every producer on our site and are here to make sure they are professional and if you have an unprofessional experience with someone, PLEASE TELL US. We curate a community of professionals and are strict about only working with people who do good by the musicians who trust us. If anything goes wrong along the way, we will bet there to help immediately.
What Happens If We Need To Cancel?
A producer’s time is valuable and by putting down a deposit you are committing to being able to work during the agreed time. It’s standard practice for a producer to keep this money to cover for the lost time. Studio expenses like rent and electricity are very high and this ensures that the people booking with them are serious about their commitment. If you need to cancel or reschedule during this time, it is up to the producer whether or not to refund your deposit. Please be sure when booking you are as close to positive you can work during this time.
What Happens If The Producer Takes Forever To Send Me My Mix/Master?
Contact us and we will help you out. We strive to create a safe community of reliable producers and if someone is not living up to their end of the bargain, we will resolve the situation for you.
How Long Does It Take To Record A Song?
If you go to a producer’s page each of them has specified how many days it takes them to record a song. With that said, here is what most of our producers recommend -

1 Song - 2 Days
2 Songs - 3 Days
3 Songs - 5 Days
4 Songs - 6 Days
5 Songs - 8 Days
6 Songs - 9 Days
7 Songs - 11 Days
8 Songs - 12 Days
9 Songs - 14 Days
10 Songs - 15 Days
11 Songs - 17 Days
12 Songs - 18 Days
13 Songs - 20 Days
14 Songs - 21 Days
15 Songs - 23 Days

How Long Does It Take To Mix A Song?
If you go to a producer’s page each of them has specified how many days it takes them to mix a song. With that said, here is what most of our producers recommend -

1 Song - 1 Day
2 Songs - 1 Day
3 Songs - 2 Days
4 Songs - 2 Days
5 Songs - 3 Days
6 Songs - 3 Days
7 Songs - 4 Days
8 Songs - 4 Days
9 Songs - 5 Days
10 Songs - 5 Days
11 Songs - 6 Days
12 Songs - 6 Days
13 Songs - 7 Days
14 Songs - 7 Days
15 Songs - 8 Days
How Do We Pay Our Producer At Then End?
Your producer will take Cash, PayPal or Credit Card.
Why Do I Pay The Producer When I Don’t Have A Product Yet?
These producers are all professionals who have earned the trust and reputation of doing great work. If they are sending you a finished product, they have no way of making sure you don’t take it and rip them off. As well, bands fall apart mid-recording all the time. Being paid upfront ensures the producer is not left high and dry after working hard for you.
Can We Use Noise Creators To Have A Few Different Producers Do Test Mixes/Masters?
Yep! Just contact us at
How Does My Band Get Featured On The Noise Creators Blog?
Something Happened And I Don’t Think I Will Have The Money To Pay My Producer On Time!
Talk to us and we can help sort it out
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