James Paul Wisner


Following in his father’s footsteps, James Paul Wisner is a record producer and mixer of multiple god records.
He's produced and mixed some of the most genre influencing bands of recent times including Under Oath’s groundbreaking “They’re Only Chasing Safety”, Dashboard Confessional’s seminal “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most” as well as Further Seems Forever’s “The Moon is Down”. Other notable bands he has produced and/or mixed are: Paramore, Hands Like Houses, The Academy Is, There For Tomorrow and Go Radio.

“Coming from a musical family, I learned to play multiple instruments at an early age including piano,guitar,bass and drums which I usually add to the projects I work on.

My mission is to create music that moves people and to encourage bands and artists to be their best and express themselves authentically while achieving their goals. My passion is to work with bands to create something special and unique as well as commercially viable.”

His passion for creating great music continues with bands like Hands Like Houses including their upcoming record on Rise Records, “Dissonants”.

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2015Hands Like HousesDissonantsRise RecordsP / M / E / I
2015As It IsNever Happy, Ever AfterFearless RecordsP / M / I
2015SeparationsDream EaterImagen RecordsP / M / E / I
2014UnderoathIconTooth & Nail RecordsP
2013Hands Like HousesUnimagineRise RecordsP / M / E / I
2012UnderoathAnthology 1999-2013Tooth & Nail RecordsP / M / E / I
2012Go RadioClose The DistanceFearless RecordsP / M / E / I
2012Blessed By A Broken HeartFeel The PowerTooth & Nail RecordsP / M / E / I
2011Go RadioLucky StreetFearless RecordsM / E
2011UnderoathPlay Your Old StuffTooth & Nail RecordsP / E
2010Noah KussackA Momentary Lapse In The Key Of W24 Hour Service StationP / M / E / I
2009I See Stars3-DSumerian RecordsP
2009There For TomorrowA Little FasterHopeless RecordsP / M / E / I
2009DestineIn Your ArmsSony RecordsP / M / E / I
2009VersaEmergeVersaEmergeFueled By RamenP / M / E
2008Search The CityA Fire So Big The Heavens Can See ItTooth & Nail RecordsP / M / E / I
2008Burning Tree ProjectTime and ColorTragic Hero RecordsP / M / E / I
2008Run Kid RunLove At The CoreTooth & Nail RecordsP / M / E / I
2007SullivanCover Your EyesTooth & Nail RecordsP / E / I
2007My American HeartHiding Inside The Horrible WeatherWarcon RecordsP / M / E / I
2007National ProductLunaR&M Artist RecordsP / E / I
2006NeverthelessLive Like We're AliveFlicker RecordsP / E / I
2006Dave MelilloTalk Is CheapDrive Thru RecordsP / M / E / I
2006Run Kid RunThis Is Who We AreTooth & Nail RecordsP / M / E / I
2005Hand To HandA Perfect Way To Say GoodbyeLifeforce RecordsP / M / E / I
2005ParamoreAll We Know Is FallingFueled By RamenP / E
2005The Academy Is…Almost HereFueled By RamenP / M / E / I
2005Stretch Arm StrongFree At LastWe Put Out RecordsP / M / E / I
2005Lorene DriveRomantic WealthLobster RecordsP / M / E / I
2005SocialburnThe Beauty Of Letting GoiRock EntertainmentP / M / E / I
2005Forever ChangedThe Need To Feel AliveFloodgate RecordsP / M / E / I
2004Mourning SeptemberA Man Can Change His StarsFloodgate RecordsP / M / E / I
200436 CrazyfistsA Snow Capped RomanceRoadrunner RecordsP / E / I
2004Further Seems ForeverHide NothingTooth & Nail RecordsP / E / I
2004UnderoathThey're Only Chasing SafetySolid State RecordsP / M / E / I
2003Darkness ShinesWesztDalin RecordsP / M / E / I
2003GlasseaterEverythign Is Beautiful…Fearless RecordsP / M / E / I
2003Further Seems ForeverHow To Start A FireTooth & Nail RecordsP / M / E / I
2003Gatsbys American DreamRibbons & SugarRocketstar RecordsP / M / E / I
2002As Friends RustA Young Trophy Band…Equal Vision RecordsP / M / E / I
2002GlasseaterGlasseaterFearless RecordsP / M / E / I
2002Rocking Horse WinnerHorizonEqual Vision RecordsP / M / E / I
2002GlasseaterMiles Ahead Of Where We Left OffDead Droid RecordsP / M / E / I
2002twothirtyeightYou Should Be LivingTooth & Nail RecordsP / M / E / I
2002twothirtyeightRegulate The ChemicalsTooth & Nail RecordsP / M / E / I
2002Rocking Horse WinnerState Of Feeling ConcentrationOhev RecordsP / M / E / I
2002UnderoathThe Changing Of TimesSolid State RecordsP / M / E / I
2001Dashboard ConfessionalSo ImpossilbeVagrant RecordsP / M / E / I
2001Dashboard ConfessionalThe DrowningFiddler RecordsP / M / E / I
2001Further Seems ForeverThe Moon Is DownTooth & Nail RecordsP / M / E / I
2001Dashboard ConfessionalThe Places You Have Come To Fear…Vagrant RecordsP / M / E / I
2001StairwellThe Sounds Of ChangeHopeless RecordsP / M / E / I
2001As Friends RustWonDoghouse RecordsP / M / E / I
2000UnderoathCries Of The PastTakehold RecordsP / M / E / I
2000As Friends RustFists Of TimeGood Life RecordingsE
2000Dashboard ConfessionalThe Swiss Army RomanceDrive Thru RecordsP / M / E / I
1997New Found GloryIt's All About The GirlsFiddler RecordsP / M / E
1996Vacant AndysAnodyneFiddler RecordsP / M / E / I

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