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Growing up in LA, I found myself surrounded by a lot of crazy good artists and venues that I wanted to work my into, but also very little musical talent. Having said that, I started taking photos seriously throughout high school and found my calling in live photography. I went from shooting with my now nonexistent media site, getting passes to anything they'd let me into, to eventually working with Tiny Dino Productions, taking pictures whenever needed and have since then gone on to add more and more projects.

Nowadays I currently hold my position at Tiny Dino and am part of the photo team with Tastemakers Magazine and WRBB Radio. Throughout this, I would say that I have found my specialty to be more candid portraiture and live shots with a nice sort of vintage feel to them, think Art Kane if Art Kane had a DSLR. I am also currently working with Urbanity Dance Company doing photography and video around the studio and at local events.

As of now, my main goal at this point is just to expand my portfolio and to collaborate with other artists. However, the end goal would be to become a touring photographer and be able to focus in on live music and the musicians behind it.

Outside of pictures, I attend Northeastern University in Boston where I am majoring in music industry with minors in recording, ethnomusicology, and photography. Yet, I still find myself back in Los Angeles at least every 3 months.

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