Marc McClusky


I started out like most, I played in bands when I was younger, I would go to studios and record but it never sounded how it did in my head , so I figured I learn how to do it myself.  As time progressed I had other local bands ask me if I would record their band so I did. One of the bands I recorded was called Hit The Lights. They got signed up by Triple Crown and released the songs we did together. 

Shortly after that I was working with a band called Farewell that got signed up by Epitaph. We had about 6 songs done they were stoked on them so they had us finish the record. I recorded some demos for a band called Powerspace shortly after the Farewell record and we got a great response. Fueled By Ramen picked them up and that's when I met my current manager and dear friend Johnny Minardi. During that time I had my sights set on a band called Ludo from St Louis. I had to bug the keyboard player, Tim Convy for like 3 months to let me record them. They finally gave in we did 3 songs that lead to doing 7 more they got signed by Island/Def Jam and quite a few of the recordings we did ended up on their first major label album Your Awful I Love You. Matt Wallace produced the other tracks on the record and I developed a relationship with him.

Over the next year or two I did some records for Epitaph and Victory Records. Time for the second Ludo record came up and they wanted me and Matt Wallace to do it together. So I went to LA and became close with Wallace. He mentioned to me that it may be wise for me to move to LA I thought "why the fuck not". I moved out there 5 months later and got one of the studios at the legendary Sound City Studios in Van Nuys.

I had a previous relationship with Brett Gurewitz from doing a few Epitaph releases.  When I moved out there he was just signing Weezer to Epitaph and asked me if I would be interested in doing a test mix for the record. Of course, I was super stoked being a teenager in the 90's Weezer was one of my favorite bands. I didn't think anything was going to come of it but Brett called me back a few days later and said congrats you got it! So I ended up mixing 5 songs on that record and Rivers asked me to mix some tunes for the album Death to False Metal, one of which was a Blue album cut called Mykle and Carli which was one of the coolest things I've been fortunate enough to do as of this date. Another tune was a Rick Rubin cut, Rivers sent it to him and he loved it which was pretty amazing as well. During my time in LA, Brett offered to manage me and Matt Wallace was mentoring me.  Matt taught me a lot about vibe headspace and the power of lyrics. He really made me progress as a producer. I’ve since lived and recorded in Chicago and now reside in New York City.

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2015Motion City SoundtrackPanic StationsEpitaphM
2015PunchlineThrilledIndependentP / M / E
2015QuietdriveGhost Of What You Used To BeIndependentM
2015TelegrafEPIndependentP / M / E
2014The Banshee PilotEPIndependentP / M
2014Super Happy Fun ClubWeaponizeIndependentP / M / E
2013StampsVarious SinglesIndependentP / M / E / W
2013William BeckettGenuine & CounterfeitEqual VisionP / M / E / W
2012EverclearInvisible StarsEoneM / E
2012D.R.U.G.S.Live From Hot TopicSire / WarnerM / E
2012Bad ReligionBob Dylan TributeEpitaphE
2011Letlive.Fake HistoryEpitaphM / E
2011Dangerous!Teenage RampageEpitaphM
2010WeezerDeath To False MetalGeffenM
2010LudoPrepare The PreperationsIsland Def JamP / M / E
2009FarewellRun It Up The FlagpoleEpitaphP / M / E / W
2009The Hot MeltsSelf TitledEpitaphP / E
2008LudoYou're Awful I Love YouIsland Def JamP / E
2007FarewellIsn't This Supposed To Be Fun?EpitaphP / M / E
2007PowerspaceThe Kicks Of PassionFueled By RamenP / M / E
2007JuneMake It BlurVictoryP / M / E
2005Hit The LightsUntil We Get CaughtTriple CrownP / M / E

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