Matt McClellan


Matt McClellan is a producer, mixer and writer, based in Atlanta, GA. Matt got his start working with producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada). McClellan is best known for his work with Being As An Ocean, Frameworks, Better Off and Project 86.

His most recent release, Being As An Ocean’s self-titled full-length record on InVogue Records, landed at #2 of the Billboard Heat Seekers chart. McClellan produces records out of Glow In The Dark Studios.

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2015Being As An OceanBeing As An OceanInVogue RecordsP / E / M / W
2015BanditOf LifeBroken CirclesP / E / M / MA
2015Better OffMilkEqual VisionM / E
2015SangloriansUpcoming LPIndieP / E / M
2015Tyler CarterLeave Your LoveRise RecordsP / E
2014The OverseerRest And Let GoSolid State RecordsP / E / M
2014Being As An OceanHow We Both Wondrously PerishInVogue RecordsP / E / M
2014Mouth Of The SouthStruggle WellFacedown RecordsP / E / M
2014BloomThousand Yard StareBroken CirclesP / E / M / MA
2014Project 86Knives to the FutureIndieP / E / M
2014BlisLighting Fires In My Parents' HouseSoft Speak RecordsP / E / M / MA
2014The ArmoryRediscoverIndieM
2014Artificial HeartMy Weakness, Your StrengthIndieE / M
2013Dinner and a SuitToo Late EPMTVP / E / M
2013The Devil Wears Prada8:18Roadrunner RecordsE
2013Better Off(I Think) I'm Leaving6131 RecordsP / E / M
2013FrameworksSmall VictoriesTopshelf RecordsP / E / M / MA
2013UnderoathAnthology 1999-2013Solid State RecordsE
2012To Speak Of WolvesFind Your Worth, Come HomeSolid State RecordsP / E / M
2012The OverseerWe Search, We DigSolid State RecordsP / E / M
2012Harp and LyreTribesIndieP / E / M
2012Come WindGrow My RootsIndieP / E / M
2012Silent PlanetCome Wind, Come WeatherIndieM
2011Becoming The ArchetypeCelestial CompletionSolid State RecordsP / E
2011Von Wolfe Life's A BeachIndieP / E / M
2011FrameworksEvery Day Is The SameIndieP / E / M
2010MyChildren MyBrideLost BoySolid State RecordsE
2010My EpicYetFacedown RecordsM
2009Eagle ScoutNew HandsCavity RecordsP / E

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