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Nick Diener has been recording bands since 2002 when he first acquired an 8-track recorder and some mics. Through years of basement demos, touring in his band The Swellers, and eventually recording in some of the country's top studios, he learned skills that can't be taught at any school. With a natural knack for song arrangements, melodies, harmonies, and keeping things in time and in tune, music production became second nature and an obvious career choice. Growing into his new home studio space and having recorded dozens and dozens of bands from around the continent, the goal remains clear: offering incredible, commercial-quality recordings to artists at an affordable price. A good recording is the best foot in the door and was probably a huge part in Nick's band signing to a major label.

Nick's lower level of his home in Saginaw, Michigan has been converted into a professional recording studio with both a comfy hang-out space/control room and a newly constructed, acoustic-treated live room with hardwood floors that sounds great for drums, vocals, acoustic instruments and more. Show posters, weird lamps, random toys, and an impressive guitar rack keep artists inspired and entertained.

In addition to just recording bands, Nick offers pre-production, which is a great resource for anyone who wants that extra ear to help "cut the fat" on their songs and get the greatest possible arrangement. It's amazing how sometimes the smallest tweaks can turn a throw-away song into the best track on the record. Lyrics, melodies, drum parts, and transitions are just a few of the things that are analyzed. This can be done in person at the studio, or even long distance via e-mail and phone.

The digital age is full of sterile sounds and fake sounding instruments, but Nick likes to keep an element of "old school" in his recordings. He lets drummers actually play their drums and makes sure that microphones are doing their job to be create that awesome warmness or over the top high-end. Time is taken to get the best performances out of every musician, because if it sounds bad going in, it won't sound much better coming out. A record can come out as raw or as polished as the musician wants.

The studio is in close proximity to several nice, secure, priceline-able hotels as well as a mall, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

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Record A Song

A song recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered, ready to be released. Everything included.

Mix A Song

Get your song mixed including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2015Forest GreenEPP / E
2015Derek Grant (Alkaline Trio)SplitPee RecordsM
2015Dan CribbSplitPee RecordsM / W
2015Dan Cribb and The IsolatedAs We Drift ApartPee RecordsP / E / W
2015Lights Over BridgeportTBAP / E
2015Fire At The MarqueeTBAP / M / E / MA
2014We Were KidsSomewhere Back HomeP / E
2013The SwellersThe Light Under Closed DoorsNo SleepP / W
2013Lights Over BridgeportPrayers and EulogiesP / E
2012The SwellersVehicle City Blues 7"Side One DummyW
2012We Are The UnionYoun Can't Hide The SunPaper and PlastickP / E
2012The SwellersRunning Out Of Places To GoNo SleepP / E / W
2011The SwellersGood For MeFueled By RamenW
2009The SwellersUps and DownsizingFueled By RamenW
2007The SwellersMy EverestSearch and RescueW

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