Nick Ferran (Graphic Designer)


Nick grew up in the suburbs of Fort Wayne where life was pleasant, but not particularly exciting. He turned to art and music to entertain himself, not realizing that drawing the logos of his favorite early-2000s pop punk bands in middle school would lead him to study design and illustration and to a career in the advertising and design industry.

Nick cut his advertising teeth as an Art Director at an agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan for three years before returning home to Fort Wayne. He also moonlights as a freelance illustrator, creating album art, posters, and t-shirts for a variety of clients (including a couple of those pop punk bands he loves so dearly), among many, many other things.

He enjoys searching for new sources of inspiration in people, places, and ideas, and does his best to live by the motto “work hard, be nice.” He also enjoys sleeping in, hanging out with cats, and daydreaming about being sorted into Gryffindor House.

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