Paul Leavitt


Paul Leavitt is a Baltimore-based producer, making records out of his own Valencia Recording. Working as a producer, engineer, mixing and mastering engineer, Paul has worked with amazing bands like All Time Low, Yellowcard, The Used, Have Mercy, Hundredth, The Dangerous Summer and countless others.

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2015HundredthFreeHopeless RecordsMa / M
2015Darkest HourThe Mark of the JudasSumerian RecordsMa
2015BrigadesCrocodile TearsPure Noise RecordsM / P
2015BrigadesIndefinitePure Noise RecordsE / M / P
2015TurnstileNon Stop FeelingSelfMa
2015Plans PlansPlans PlansSelfMa
2015UnwedRaise the Kids6131 RecordsMa / M
2014State ChampsThe Acoustic ThingsPure Noise RecordsMa
2014Have MercyA Place Of Our OwnHopeless RecordsP / E / M / Ma
2014EmarosaVersusRise RecordsM
2014HandgunsLife LessonsPure Noise RecordsE / M / P
2014More Than a ThousandMore Than a Thousand/ Vol. 5: Lost At HomeeOne MusicE
2013EmarosaVersusRise RecordsM
2013The Dangerous SummerGolden RecordHopeless RecordsMa / M / P
2013YellowcardOcean Avenue AcousticHopeless RecordsMa
2013YellowcardSouthern Air B- SidesHopeless RecordsM
2013The UsedThe Ocean of the SkyHopeless RecordsM / Ma
2013Vinny VegasLand of GiantsSelfE / M
2012Senses FailFollow Your Bliss: The Best of Senses FailVagrant RecordsMa
2012I Call FivesI Call FivesNo Sleep RecordsE / Ma / P
2012PentimentoI No LongerPaper + Plastik RecordsP / E / M / Ma
2012Hit the LightsInvictaRazor & Tie RecordsMa
2012I/ The BreatherTruth and PurposeE / Ma / M / P
2012Set It OffHorrible KidsEqual Vision RecordsMa
2011This Time Next YearDrop Out of LifeEqual Vision RecordsM
2011Darkest HourThe Human RomanceeOne MusicM
2011The Dangerous SummerWar PaintHopeless RecordsE / M / P
2011Darkest HourSo Sedated/ So SecureVictory RecordsE
2011Of LegendsStrandedMa
2010EmarosaEmarosaRise RecordsM / Ma
2010ConditionsFluorescent YouthGood FightE / Ma / M / P
2010We Are the In CrowdGuaranteed to DisagreeHopeless RecordsE
2010Such GoldPedestalsRazor & Tie RecordsMa
2010All Time LowStraight to DVDHopeless RecordsE
2009The Dangerous SummerReach for the SunHopeless Records M / P
2009Down for the CountBattle RoyaleE / M / P
2009Count Your BlessingsLike Gum in Your Hair M / P
2009Farewell to FreewayOnly Time Will TellE / P / M
2009These Green EyesRelapse to Recovery E
2009The Boy and His MachineShow Them What You're Made OfE / Ma / M / P
2009Darkest HourThe Eternal ReturnVictory RecordsE
2009The SleepingWhat It TakesVictory Records E
2009HotspurYou Should Know Better by NowM
2009Set It OffCalm Before The StormSelfP / M
2008Mercy Mercedes1.21 Giggawatts E / E / M / P
2008That Was SomethingBearsE / M / P
2008Thieves and VillainsMovementVictory RecordsE / M / P
2008All Time LowPunk Goes CrunkFearless RecordsE / P
2008Gwen StacyThe Life I KnowE / M / P
2008I Am GhostThose We Leave BehindE / M / P
2008Spark Is a DiamondTry This on for SizePlute RecordsE
2007Oh/ The StoryGood Morning IlluminationP
2007The Dangerous SummerIf You Could Only Keep Me AliveHopeless RecordsE / M / P
2007American DiaryThe Brightest ColorsE / M / P
2006All Time LowSo Wrong/ It's RightHopeless RecordsE / E / P
2006Gatsby Gets the Green LightChoose Your Own AdventureE
2006Nitro TokyoHell YeahM
2006All Time LowPut Up or Shut UpHopeless RecordsE / P
2005The Prize FightThe ProcessE / M
2005HotspurEPE / M
2005Fall RiverLights OutE
2005Don't Look DownFiveE
2005The Gamma RaysSplit PersonalityE
2005The Alphabet BombersWrecklessE / M

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