Noise Creators Producer Final Details


First off thanks for signing up. We look forward to having you as a part of Noise Creators. If you got this far it's because we enjoy what you do and think you are great at it. The following is not the funnest part of the process. We need to talk about money.


This is strictly so we know what type of jobs to recommend you for and whether we should send you jobs that are drastically below your price range (if they are even close we will still send).

Please take the time to read this and let us know any questions.

The last thing we need from you is this spreadsheet filled out with your discography (download here) and 1-3 of the best quality pictures you have emailed to

    Direct = We take a 5% fee if a musician asks for you directly from our site. Recommendation = If a musician writes to NC asking for help finding a producer and we recommend you we take 10% (on all credit card transactions there is a 3% fee as well, just like if you took payment, when we pay you this is already taken care of)
    You can either ask for a 33% or 50% deposit fee. Asking for a higher deposit can discourage jobs, but also save you from cancellations.
  • The price for an artist to record one song including studio fees, mastering and anything else you need to delivered a wav ready to be uploaded to iTunes, Spotify, etc.
  • The price you charge (including studio fees) for one day of studio time.
  • The average‚Äč cost including studio time to mix one song with a standard amount of tracks. Price should include three mix revisions!
  • If you wish to charge more money for song with over 48 tracks please indicate how much more here. The average fee for this is $25, but many mixers charge no additional fee.
  • The cost to reamp guitar or bass tracks for a mix. The average cost is $25
  • The price you will charge to pitch correct a mix that is sent to you that needs pitch correction. We understand this work can range wildly, but try to give an approximation. The average fee is $50.
  • Please indicate rate to deliver one song mastered ready to be uploaded to iTunes, Spotify etc.
  • If you have fees for DDP Creation, Physical Masters (CDs), Vinyl Splits, Mastered For iTunes, or any other service please indicate them here.