Sean Highley (Videographer)


Pairing music and video together has always been a passion of Sean Highley. Since he was young he has been making both music and videos with whatever gear he could get his hands on (often shooting with the family camcorder.)

After the experiencing being the client of a music video with his band Let It Happen, Sean realized that he had essentially directed, and written the music video, so he decided that he wanted to start shooting and directing videos for both Let It Happen, and other artists as well.

Since then Sean has gone on to write, direct, shoot, and edit music videos for many artists including JT Woodruff (Hawthorne Heights), Mixtapes, Northbound, Chase Huglin, and many more. As an artist, Sean knows how important a music video can be to the success of a song, and understands how much creative work goes into that. This is why each music video is thoroughly and thoughtfully crafted to aid the song, tell a compelling story, and overall give the artist the biggest impact as possible.

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