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Travis Ball


With the start of music lessons in 3rd grade, Travis began first as an instrumentalist and now continues on as an award winning mix engineer. In the last 17 years he has taken his love of performing music and turned it into a passion for audio engineering and now operates out of his private mixing studio in Nashville TN.

Since initiating his professional career as an engineer, Travis has mixed studio recordings for bands and artists of virtually every genre with an emphasis in pop and rock. In addition to his studio work Travis has also toured the world with emerging bands and artists as well as Grammy winning acts.

What does all of this mean to you? Through his extensive experience in the production side of the music industry, Travis is able to approach every mix with an extreme level of detail and finesse to ultimately achieve a final product that is commercially competitive, but also has a level of musicality, emotion, movement, and dynamic. At the end of the day, music is art and Travis strives to make each song he mixes a masterpiece.

Featured Records

“Animal“Man“The“Somos”“Transit“ “The


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2017GloriesThere Is No StillnessIndependentM
2016Mae(m)(a)(e)Cell RecordsM
2016Legendary ZerosWe So Gangsta - SingleFabulation RecordsM
201625HoursA Good Father Taught - SingleGenie RecordsM
2016Pallet HouseBlue Christmas - SingleIndependentM
2016Fresh Live WorshipHeaven Come (Stropko Remix) - SingleIndependentM
2016KAM6 Feet Up - SingleIndependentM
2016John DykeFavorite 48 Feat. Kendal Brower - SingleIndependentM
2016HingesThe Canvas - SingleIndependentM
2016Michael HammersInto the Blue - SingleIndependentM
2015World Wide Groove CorperationMake Me Free (Portarius Remix) - SingleFabulation RecordsM
2015Megan MillerAspireIndependentM+E+P
2015Meg MischlerThis CityIndependentM+E+P
2015MelonThe GardenIndependentM
2015Noah VonneBattle CriesIndependentM+E+P
2015Colleen FransisGolden CageIndependentM
2014Abbie ToulouseAbbie ToulouseIndependentM+E+P
2014Mitchell RoseSurvive - SingleIndependentM+E
2014Mitchell RoseMidnight Rain - SingleIndependentM+E

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