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Photography has always been a passion of mine. My grandfather taught me how take photos with film cameras until I was 18. Learning the basics until I finally figured out that music photography was my calling.

When I first started I didn't know to many people in the music scene around me, so I had to be able to network and it was a huge learning experience but it really worked out in the long run. After a couple of years of working with local artists in the immediate area, I established myself in the Wisconsin scenes and started touring.

Once I started touring it grabbed a lot of attention around the Minneapolis area and got onto a tour with a band called Reaping Asmodeia on the Metal Alliance Tour for eight dates of the run. On that tour I started working with The Acacia Strain and Black Crown Initiate taking photos each night that I was on the tour. Shortly after that tour wrapped up, The Acacia Strain asked me to document The Common Vision Tour this past summer. I also documented Knocked Loose, Culture Killer and To The Wind.

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