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Will Putney is a producer, mixer, and engineer as well as owner of Graphic Nature Audio in Belleville, New Jersey. Will and his staff of talented engineers’ goal is to bring unique and inspired production to talented artists. Street level indie smarts meets big studio sonics. Will also runs Graphic Nature Records which is an imprint of Equal Vision Records.

Will has worked with a number of prominent metal bands, most notably For Today, The Acacia Strain, Body Count, Thy Art Is Murder, Northlane, The Amity Affliction, Miss May I, Upon a Burning Body, and Stray from the Path. Putney earned an Australian Gold Record for his work on The Amity Affliction's Let the Ocean Take Me, which debuted at #1 on Australia’s ARIA Charts in 2014. The band’s previous album, Chasing Ghosts (album), was mixed and mastered by Will and also debuted at #1 on the ARIA Charts.

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2017The Acacia StrainGravebloomRise RecordsP/M/E/MA
2017GideonColdEqual Vision RecordsP/M/E/MA/W
2017IncendiaryThousand Mile StareClosed Casket ActivitiesP/M/E/MA
2017Body CountBloodlustCentury Media RecordsP/M/E/MA/W
2017Fit For An AutopsyThe Great CollapseE One / Good Fight RecordsP/M/E/MA/W
2017Slaughter To PrevailMisery SermonSumerian RecordsM
2017In Hearts WakeArkUNFD/Rise RecordsP/M/E/MA/W
2017First BloodRulesPure Noise RecordsP/M/E/MA
2017Wolves At The GateTypes and ShadowsSolid State RecordsP/M/MA
2016Stray From The PathThe House Always Wins SingleSumerian RecordsP/M/A
2016GideonPulling Teeth SingleEqual Vision RecordsP/M/A
2016Nothing LeftHands Of Death SingleFacedown RecordsP/M/A
2016Knocked LooseLaugh TracksPure Noise RecordsP/M/MA
2016Every Time I DieLow TeensEpitaphP/M/E
2016GojiraMagmaRoadrunner RecordsVP
2016The Amity AfflictionThis Could Be HeartbreakRoadrunner RecordsP/M/E
2016Knocked LooseLaugh TracksPure Noise RecordsP/M/E
2016Night VersesInto The Vanishing LightGraphic Nature/Equal VisionM
2016Trade WindYou Make Everything DisappearGraphic Nature/Equal VisionM
2016Silent PlanetEverything Was SoundSolid State RecordsP/M/E
2016Northlane / In Hearts WakeEquinoxUNFDP/M/E
2016Bad OmensBad OmensSumerian RecordsP/M/E
2016Invent, AnimateStillworldTragic Hero RecordsP/M/E
2016Thy Art Is Murder/Acacia Strain/Fit For An AutopsyThe Depression SessionsNuclear Blast RecordsP/M/E
2016After The BurialDig DeepSumerian RecordsP/M/E
2015Wolves At The GateReprise EPSolid State RecordsP/M/MA
2015Lorna ShorePsalmsDensity RecordsP/M/MA
2015NorthlaneNodeRise Records/We Are UnifiedP/M/MA/W
2015CounterpartsTragedy Will Find UsPure Noise RecordsP/M/MA
2015Thy Art Is MurderHoly WarNuclear Blast RecordsP/M/MA/W
2015Stray From The PathSubliminal CriminalsSumerian RecordsP/M/MA
2015Like Moths To FlamesThe Dream Is DeadRise RecordsP/M/MA/W
2015Sworn InThe Lovers/TheDevilRazor & Tie RecordsP/M/MA
2015ReflectionsThe Color ClearGoodfight RecordsP/M/MA
2015Fit For An AutopsyAbsolute Hope Absolute HellGoodfight RecordsP/M/MA
2014For TodayFight The SilenceRazor & Tie RecordsP/E/M/MA/W
2014Bury TomorrowRunesNuclear Blast RecordsM/MA
2014The Amity AfflictionLet The Ocean Take MeRoadrunner RecordsP/E/M/MA
2014Wolves At The GateVxVSolid State RecordsP/E/M/MA
2014Body CountManslaughterSumerian RecordsP/E/M/MA
2014Miss May I"Gone", "Last Letter"Rise RecordsW
2014Upon A Burning BodyThe World Is My Enemy NowSumerian RecordsP/E/M/MA/W
2014StructuresLife Through A WindowSumerian RecordsP/E/M/MA
2014D At SeaAnchors & DiamondsWe Are UnifiedP/E/M/MA
2014The Acacia StrainComa WitchRise RecordsP/E/M/MA
2014GideonCallousedFacedown RecordsP/E/M/MA
2014No Bragging RightsThe Concrete FlowerPure Noise RecordsP/E/M/MA
2014Fit For A KingSlave To NothingSolid State RecordsP/E/M/MA
2014NorthlaneRot SingleRise Records/We Are UnifiedP/M/MA
2013For TodayPrevailer EPRazor & Tie RecordsP/E/M/MA
2013Stray From The PathAnonymousSumerian RecordsP/E/M/MA
2013CounterpartsDifference Between Hell and HomeVictory RecordsP/E/M/MA
2013My Ticket HomeStrangers OnlyRise RecordsP/E/M/MA
2013Misery SignalsAbsent LightBasick RecordsAdd'l Production
2013Like Moths To FlamesEye For An EyeRise RecordsP/E/M/MA/W
2013Fit For An AutopsyHellboundE One RecordsP/E/M/MA/W
2013The Acacia StrainAbove/Below EPRise RecordsP/E/M/MA
2013Winds Of PlagueResistanceCentury Media RecordsP/E/M/MA/W
2013ExhumedNecrocracyRelapse RecordsM/MA
2013Impending DoomDeath Will ReignE One RecordsP/E/M/MA/W
2013Heart Of A CowardSeveranceCentury Media RecordsM/MA
2012Texas In JulySelf TitledEqual Vision RecordsP/E/M
2012For TodayImmortalRazor & Tie RecordsP/E/M
2012Miss May I"Ballad Of A Broken Man"Rise RecordsW
2012The Amity AfflictionChasing GhostsRoadrunner RecordsM/MA
2012Thy Art Is MurderHateIndependentP/E/M/MA
2012Vision Of DisorderThe Curse Remain CursedCandleight RecordsP/E
2012NorthlaneSingularityWe Are UnifiedP/E/M/MA
2012Poison The WellThe Opposite Of December (Re-issue)Rise RecordsRe-master
2012Poison The WellTear From The Red (Re-issue)Rise RecordsRe-master
2011NorthlaneDiscoveriesWe Are UnifiedM/MA
2011HundredthLet GoMediaskare RecordsM/MA
2011Like Moths To FlamesWhen We Don't ExistRise RecordsP/E/M/MA/W
2011Molotov SolutionInsurrectionBlack Heart GroupP/E/M/MA
2011StructuresDivided BySumerian RecordsP/E/M/MA/W
2011Stray From The PathRising SunSumerian RecordsP/E/M/MA
2011Fit For An AutopsyProcess Of Human ExterminationBlack Market RecordsP/E/M/MA
2011The Human AbstractDigital VeilE One RecordsP/E/M/MA
2010Shadows FallMadness in Manila DVDILGM/MA
2010After The BurialIn DreamsSumerian RecordsVP
2010For TodayBreakerFacedown RecordsP/E/M/MA
2010Upon A Burning BodyThe World Is OursSumerian RecordsP/E/M/MA
2010Reign SupremeTesting The Limits Of InfiniteDeathwish IncP/E/M/MA
2010ChiodosIlluminaudioEqual Vision RecordsE
2010Four Year StrongEnemy Of The WorldDecaydace/Universal MotownE
2010Suicide SilenceNo Time To BleedCentury Media RecordsE

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