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Aslan grew up as a studio hobbyist while working with his father as a live sound engineer. After completing a BM in Music Composition at UNC-Greensboro and spending time touring in rock bands, Freeman briefly worked and studied under Jesse Cannon, Mike Oettinger, and a few local producers before setting up Freeman Productions Studio in a spacious old house outside of Chapel Hill, NC.

Freeman Productions has quickly gained a reputation for its quality and affordability while servicing countless local and national acts in every genre from country, pop and electronic music to indie rock, classical and hardcore. With his thorough knowledge of music theory and extensive experience as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Freeman can bring your project to life, no matter if it’s a string quartet for a film score, a raw punk record, or a radio-bound pop single.

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A song recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered, ready to be released. Everything included.

Mix A Song

Get your song mixed including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2016Kasey TyndallEverything Is Texas (single)-P/M/E
2016Kasey TyndallI Hate Driving (single)-P/M/E
2016Youth LeagueSecond EPCardigan RecordsP/M/E
2016ManimalsRoach KingsN/AP/M/E
2016Professor ToonTake NotesCardigan RecordsE
2015Season & SnareOak City Sessions (Live TV pilot)N/AM/E
2015Kasey TyndallHand Me Down Love (single)-P/M/E
2015HundredftFacesComa Kids (single)Cardigan RecordsP/M/E/W
2015NihilFoundationBrooklyn Original Record CompanyM/E
2015Dogs EyesMeasure The EarthHeadfirst RecordsP/E
2015WisherStrangers (single)N/AP/M/E
2015WisherConscience (single)N/AP/M/E
2015Night SweatsUntitled demoN/AP/M/E
2015I Was Totally Destroying ItYours Truly (single)Greyday RecordsP/M/E
2015The Arcane HeartI Can't See You Tonight (single)N/AE
2015The Arcane HeartThe Last Thing I See (single)N/AE
2015The Arcane HeartYou Shouldn't Have (single)N/AE
2015Nagendra JayantyZoo (EP)N/AP/M/E
2015CorvidsLost & FoundN/AP/M/E
2015Stranger In The Valley Of The KingsSummer 2015 DemoN/AM/E
2015KurtzweilMixed MindsN/AP/M/E
2015My Brother, My SisterNothing NewN/AP/M/E
2015Gage WestTradesmen (EP)-P/E/W
2015Kasey TyndallHold Your Horses (single)-P/M/E/W
2015Kasey TyndallCountry Wasted (single)-P/M/E/W
2015Kasey TyndallDon't Let Tomorrow Start Now (single)-P/M/E/W
2015Kasey TyndallProve Me Wrong (single)-P/M/E/W
2015Erin NenniSorry Not Sorry (single)N/AP/M/E/W
2015Erin NenniNever Loved You Anyway (single)N/AP/M/E/W
2015Erin NenniLeavin' My Heels At Home (single)N/AP/M/E/W
2015Static Is A CitySomniloquist (EP)IDEAS RecordsP/E
2015Slinger FranciscoLight > Heat-P/E
2015Jake RogersHall Street MuralN/AP/M/E/W
2015DragmaticAt Least We're Not Dead YetN/AP/M/E
2015Close Up On The Quiet OnesLet Live (single)Autumn + Colour RecordsP/M/E
2015Handsome FoxesEverything Is Bad, Everything Is Wrong (EP)Death To False Hope RecordsP/M/E
2015UnifierGutted (EP)Spartan RecordsP/M/E/W
2015Youth LeagueFirst EPCardigan RecordsP/M/E
2015Dogs EyesDemo 2015N/AP/M/E
2014FSLight & Busy (demo)N/AP/M/E
2014Close Up On The Quiet OnesDead Weight (single)Autumn + Colour RecordsP/M/E
2014Jason MartinWelcome Home (EP)N/AP/M/E
2014¡pretend surprise!Butcher It (EP)Blood Drunk RecordsP/M/E
2014Oort PatrolThe Future Of YesterdayN/AP/M/E/W
2014Jon SebastianThe Horror Single (EP)N/AP/M/E
2014Rachel HirshLipstick On (single)N/AP/M/E/MA/W
2014Rachel HirshCircles (single)N/AP/M/E/MA/W
2014UnifierB_Sides Vol. 01-03 (EPs)Round Kid RecordsP/M/E/W
2014PanelsIn The Dark (single)N/AP/M/E/W
2013Handsome Foxes + UnifierF+U Split (EP)Autumn + Colour RecordsP/M/E/W
2013My Brother, My SisterSelf TitledN/AP/M/E
2013Huckleberry BlueSelf Titled (EP)N/AP/M/E
2013UnifierColoradoRound Kid RecordsP/W

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