Brandon Paddock


Brandon Paddock is a LA-based producer, musician, and writer. He has notable involvement on recent releases includes producing Set It Off's sophomore album "Duality" (Equal Vision), Betty Who's 2014 LP "Take Me When You Go”, Avril Lavigne's 2013 self titled LP, including US platinum single "Here's to Never Growing Up", and Volumes’ 2014 release "No Sleep”.

Brandon spent years cutting his teeth working with producer/writer John Feldmann on many successful records and is currently working side by side with producer/writer Martin Johnson (Boys Like Girls). With a dedication to songcraft, musicianship, sonic landscape, efficiency, and artist vision, Brandon is a versatile force in genres spanning Top-40 Pop, Country, Rock and Metal.

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2015ColdrainVenaHopeless RecordsP/E/M/PRG/INST/W
2015Set It OffDuality: Stories UnpluggedEqual Vision RecordsP/E/PRG/W/M/INST/STRG/VOX
2015Ghost TownEvolutionFueled By RamenW
2014Set It OffDualityEqual Vision RecordsP/E/PRG/W/M/INST/STRG/VOX
2014TimefliesAfter HoursIsland RecordsAP/E/PRG
2014Christina PerriHead or Heart (“Human”)Atlantic RecordsAP/E/PRG/INST
2014Alex & SierraIt's About UsSyco/Columbia RecordsAP/E/PRG/M(assist)/INST
2014VolumesNo SleepMediaskare RecordsP/E/M/PRG/INST/W
2014KarminPulsesEpic RecordsAP/E/PRG/VOX
2014Betty WhoTake Me When You GoRCA RecordsAP/E/PRG/INST/VOX
2014Gavin DeGrawFinest Hour (new song “You Got Me”)RCA RecordsAP/E/PRG/STRG/VOX
2014ItchThe Deep EndRed Bull RecordsAP/E/PRG/INST/VOX
2013NativesIndoor WarTransmission RecordingsP/E/M/W/PRG/INST/VOX
2013Avril LavigneAvril LavigneEpic RecordsAP/E/PRG/INST/VOX
2013DaughtryBaptizedRCA RecordsAP/E/PRG/INST/VOX
2013Heaven's BasementFilthy EmpireRed Bull RecordsE/M/PRG
2013ConditionsFull of WarGood Fight RecordsP/E/PRG/W/INST
2013Gavin DeGrawMake a MoveRCA RecordsAP/E/PRG/INST
2013Emblem 3Nothing to LoseSyco/Columbia RecordsAP/E/PRG
2013Escape The FateUngratefulEleven Seven MusicAP/E/PRG/INST
2013Life On RepeatBlacklistedEqual Vision RecordsP/E/M/PRG/INST/W
2012Megan & LizBad For MeCollective SoundsAP/E/PRGM/INST
2012Papa RoachThe ConnectionEleven Seven MusicE/PRG
2012The King BluesLong Live The StruggleTransmission RecordingsAP/E/PRG/M/INST
2012The UsedVulnerableHopeless RecordsAP/E/PRGM/M/INST/VOX
2012Throw The FirghtWhat Doesn't Kill Us qBullet Tooth RecordsP/E/PRG/M/W/INST/VOX
2012Black Veil BridesWretched and Devine: The Story of the Wild OnesLava Records/Universal RepublicAP/E/PRG/W/INST/VOX
2011The CabSymphony SoldierZ RecordsAP/E/PRGM/INST/M/VOX
2011Allstar WeekendAll the WayHollywood RecordsAP/E/PRGM/INST/VOX
2011The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusAm I the Enemy?Collective SoundsAP/E/PRG/M/VOX
2011Get ScaredBest Kind of MessUniversal Motown RecordsAP/E/PRGM/STRG/VOX
2011D.R.U.G.S.Destroy Rebuild Until God ShowsSire/Decaydance RecordsAP/E/PRG/STRG//INST/VOX
2011Panic At the DiscoVices & VirtuesDecaydance Records/Fueled by RamenE
2010Four Year StrongEnemy of the WorldDecaydance Records/Universal MotownM (assist)
2010Allstar WeekendSuddenly YoursHollywood RecordsE/PRG/VOX
2010Queens ClubYoung GiantTooth and Nail RecordsP/PRG/M/E/INST/VOX

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