Brian Hood


Starting as a drummer and continuing as a producer/recording engineer, Brian has been involved in the music business for the entirety of his professional career.

He has produced, engineered, mixed and mastered music from all genres, ranging from acoustic and pop/rock to his normal clientele of metal and hardcore acts.

Transitioning from a one-stop-shop full-service recording studio at the end of 2014, Brian now focuses exclusively on mixing and mastering projects.

Featured Records


Mix A Song

Get your song mixed including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.

Master A Song

Get your song mastered including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2015Crystal LakeTHE SIGNArtery RecordingsM / MA
2015Memphis May FireUnconditionalRise RecordsM / MA
2015SurroundingsOf Bane, Burden & ChangIndependentM / MA
2015Sentinel The Primordial Ruin EPIndependentM / MA
2015FathomsLives LivedGhost MusicM / MA
2015Sirens & SailorsRising Moon : Setting SunArtery RecordingsP / M / E / MA
2015For All EternityMetanoiaFacedown RecordsP / M / E / MA
2014Crystal LakeCubes EPIndependentM / MA
2014Sienna SkiesSeasonsInVogue RecordsP / M / E / MA
2014Invent, AnimateEverchangerTragic Hero RecordsP / M / E / MA
2014ColossusBadlandsFacedown RecordsM / MA
2014ErraMoments Of ClaritySumerian RecordsP / M / E / MA
2013Sworn InThe Death CardRazor and TieP / M / E / MA
2013ErraAugmentTragic Hero RecordsP / M / E / MA
2012For All EternityBeyond The GatesTaperjean RecordsP / M / E / MA
2012Prepared Like A BrideA Dangerous JourneyIndependentM / MA
2012GideonMilestoneFacedown RecordsP / M / E / MA
2012Being As An OceanDear G-d…InVogue RecordsM / MA
2011GideonCostsFacedown RecordsP / M / E / MA
2011The Crimson ArmadaConvictionArtery RecordingsP / M / E / MA
2011Hope For The DyingDissimulationFacedown RecordsM / MA
2011ErraImpulseTragic Hero RecordsP / M / E / MA
2011As Hell RetreatsVolitionFacedown RecordsP / M / E / MA
2010A Plea For PurgingThe Marriage of Heaven and HellFacedown RecordsM / MA
2009Before There Was RosaylnThe FührerVictory RecordsP / M / E / MA

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