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Dean Baltulonis has earned a spot among the east coast’s most in-demand producers, mixing engineers, as well as composers/musicians.

As owner of the Wild Arctic Studios, he is able to create a range of sounds, atmospheres, and moods as he blends his experience with and knowledge of vintage gear and modern techniques. It’s no wonder why he’s been called upon to work with such bands as The Hold Steady, Goes Cube, Sick of it All, Defeater, the Gay Blades, and many others. Indeed he’s produced the albums that regularly appear on year-end and best-of lists.

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2015Publicist UKForgive YourselfRelapse RecordsM / P
2014Bobby PattersonI Got More Soul!Omnivore RecordingsE
2014Sheer TerrorStanding Up For Falling DownReaper RecordingsE / M / P
2013Death Ray VisionWe Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin'Bullet ToothE / M / P
2012TenebraeTenebraeADD RecordsE
2012Primitive WeaponsThe Shadow GalleryProsthetic RecordsE / M
2011Agnostic FrontAnother VoiceNuclear Blast RecordsE
2011S.O.S.I Owe You NothingE / P
2011Goes CubeIn Tides and DriftsThe End RecordsE / M / P
2010The Hold SteadyHeaven Is WheneverVagrant RecordsE / M / P
2010The Gay BladesSavagesTriple Crown RecordsE / M / P / Pr
2010PiebaldThe First Ten Years IIRise RecordsE
2009Goes CubeAnother Day Has PassedThe End RecordsE / M / P
2009Filthy DukesNonsense in the DarkPolydorWr
2009Trapped Under IceSecrets of the WorldReaper RecordsE
2009Lissy TrullieSelf-Taught LearnerDowntown RecordsE / M / P
2009Trevor GiulianiSubcontrario (In Stereo)Dovecote RecordsE / P
2008The Hold SteadyAlmost Killed Me/Separation SundayFrench Kiss RecordsE / M / P
2008MadballDemonstrating My Style/Look My WayRoadrunner RecordsE / M / P
2008The Hold SteadyStay PositiveVagrant RecordsE
2007Goes CubeBeckon the Dagger GodThe End RecordsE / M / P
2007InhumanLast RitesRelapse RecordsE / P
2007FreyaLift the CurseVictory RecordsE / M / P
2007The CasualitiesMade in NYCSide One/Dummy RecordsE / M
2007Foreign IslandsRestart Now!P / Wr / P
2007Danny DiabloThugcore 4 LifeE
2007FairmontWait & HopeP
2007Dear TonightWe're Not MenE
2006Righteous JamsBusiness as UsualE / M / P
2006PanicCirclesE / P
2006Nerve Gas TragedyNo TomorrowE / P
2006Sam BisbeeOxygenE
2006Alove for EnemiesResistanceE / M / P
2006PanicStrength in SolitudeE
2006The Can't Help ItsThe Can't Help ItsM / P
2006Theo and the SkyscrapersTheo and the SkyscrapersP
2006Trustkill Takeover, Vol. 2E / M / P
2005Guns Up!All This IsE / P
2005Agnostic FrontAnother Voice [Bonus Track]E
2005Kill Your IdolsFrom Companionship to CompetitionE
2005No RosesHell or High WaterE
2005The DistanceIf You Lived Here You'd Be Home AlreadyE
2005The GoodwillInsult, Injury, Etc.E / M / P
2005Desperate MeasuresIt's on Your HandsE / P
2005The Bouncing SoulsLiveM
2005Most Precious BloodMerciless [2 CD]P
2005Desperate MeasuresNever Enough TimeE / P
2005NauseaPunk Terrorist Anthology, Vol. 2: 1986-1988ReM
2005Punk-O-Rama, Vol. 10M
2005Blue MondayRewrittenE / M / P
2005The Hold SteadySeparation SundayE / M / P
2005Suicide FileSome Mistakes You Never Stop Paying ForE / M
2005Danny DiabloStreet C.D., Vol. 2E
2005Trustkill TakeoverE / M
2004Anger RegimentAces and EightsAudio E
2004Elgin JamesFor Carol...E / P
2004My WarLegs Up/My WarE
2004SubzeroNecropolis: City of the DamnedE
2004Bottom Line NYCNo One's SafeE / M / P
2004Death ThreatNow Here Fast!E / M
2004Rag MenRag MenE / M
2004Righteous JamsRage of DisciplineE / P
2004Runner and the ThermodynamicsRunner and the ThermodynamicsM
2004Give Up the GhostYear OneM
2003Regarding IAnd the Ties That Bind UsE / P
2003Give Up the GhostBackground MusicE / P
2003On the RiseBurning InsideE / M / P
2003Paint It BlackCVAE
2003VisionDetonateE / M / P
2003The ControlGlasseyeE
2003Holiday Sampler 2003Ma
2003Sick of It AllLife on the RopesE / P
2003Modern Life Is WarMy Love. My Way.E / M
2003Most Precious BloodOur Lady of AnnihilationP
2003St. James StarsParts: Unknown Weight: UnknownE
2003Sick of It AllRelentless SingleE / M / P
2003The GoodwillThat Was a MomentE / M / P
2003MadballThe Best of MadballM / P
2003InhumanThe New NightmareE / M / P
2003Kid GorgeousThis Feeling Gets OldE / P
2003Suicide FileTwilightE / P
2003DisciplineWorking Class HeroesM
2002The PromiseBelieverE / P / M
2002Black on Black: A Tribute to Black Flag [2002]E / P
2002VietnomDeath Is the OutcomeE / M / P
2002The Hope ConspiracyEndnoteE / M / P
2002No WarningIll BloodE / M / P
2002Loaded DreamsIn It But Not of ItE / M
2002Holding OnQuestion What You Live ForE
2002Suicide FileSuicide File [EP]E
2002AnodyneThe Outer DarkE / P
200111: An Escape Artist CompilationE
2001AnodyneQuiet WarsE
2001Right BrigadeRight BrigadeE / P
1999PiebaldIf It Weren't for Venetian Blinds It Would Be Curtains for Us AllE / M
1999FastbreakWhenever You're ReadyP
1999Wonderdrug: Up the DosageE
1998Another VictimApocalypse Now [EP]P
1998FastbreakFast Cars, Fast WomenP
1998MadballLook My WayE / M / P
1989Agnostic FrontLive at CBGBE / M

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