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Greg Dunn


Greg Dunn is a producer and mix engineer based in New York City. He is also the lead singer, and songwriter in the band Moving Mountains. Greg got his start at 16 helping out in the studio with producers John Naclerio (Nada Recording), and Mike Kalajian (Rogue Planet Mastering). He later studied Sound Recording at the SUNY Purchase music conservatory. Greg is best known for his production work in Moving Mountains, but also work with such bands as Prawn, Gates, Athletics, Vasudeva, Now Now, and From Indian Lakes. Greg draws inspiration from a vast range of styles, but focuses primarily on ambient, electronic, and indie-rock.

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2014Moving MountainsMoving Mountains / Prawn SplitTriple Crown RecordsP / E / M / W
2014The Honest Heart CollectiveLiar's ClubSelf ReleasedM
2014PrawnKingfisherTopshelf RecordsP / E / M
2014From Indian LakesAbsent Sounds Remixed (Ansible Remix)Triple Crown RecordsP / E / M / W
2014Now NowThreads Remixed (Ansible Remix)TransP / E / M / W
2014No DevotionSingle (Ansible Remix)Collect RecordsP / E / M / W
2014Moving MountainsPneumaTopshelf Records / Deep ElmP / E / M / W
2014Gameday RegularsSplitPaper and PlastickP / E / M
2014Gnashville222/2Self ReleasedP / E / M
2013PrawnPrawn / Joie de Vivre SplitTopshelf RecordsM
2013Moving MountainsSelf TitledTriple Crown RecordsP / E / W
2013Gameday RegularsNobody Likes A QuitterVeggie Co. RecordsP / E / M
2013VasudevaLife In CyclesSelf ReleasedMa
2013The SovietGrief Self ReleasedP / E / M
2012AthleticsWho You Are Is Not EnoughDeep ElmM / Ma
2012This Old GhostFamily RoomSelf ReleasedM
2012Moving MountainsNew Light EPTriple Crown RecordsP / E / M / W
2012PrawnPrawn / Frameworks / Kittyhawk SplitTopshelf RecordsM / Ma
2012PrawnShipsTopshelf RecordsP / M
2011Moving MountainsWavesTriple Crown RecordsP / E / W
2011GatesThe Sun Will Rise and Lead Me HomeSelf ReleasedMa
2010Gifts From EnolaSelf TitledThe Mylene SheathM
2009Moving MountainsForewordTopshelf RecordsP / E / M / W

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