Ian Van Opijnen


Ian got his first taste of recording while attending Berklee college of music. He learned the basics of recording and became quickly obsessed, viewing each session as if it was his own band and carefully helping bands to create their own individual sound. The Echoroom has become a hub in the north east for indie artists and anyone who pursues a true musical identity. From its start in 2004, the Echoroom recording studio has worked with bands of every genre imaginable. A balance realism and studio magic define Ian and the Echoroom.

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“The“Vanna”“The“Vanna”“Great “The


Record A Song

A song recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered, ready to be released. Everything included.

Mix A Song

Get your song mixed including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.

Master A Song

Get your song mastered including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2016Backwards DancerSelf TitledP E M W
2015Forest FiresTo the Sound ofMidday recordsP E M MA W
2015PlainclothesDog LogicCounter Intuitive RecordsP E M MA
2015Backwards DancerNew Life In Old ShoesIndieP E M MA
2015ScoutWhat if, like, when we die...Secret Audio ClubP E M MA
2015Great American GhostEveryone LeavesGood Fight MusicE
2015Sleeping PatternsPrejudice Honest Face RecordsP E M MA
2015Funeral AdvantageBody is DeadThe Native SoundM MA
2014The HotelierHome, Like Noplace Is ThereTiny EnginesP E M 
2015In Depths and TidesBioluminescence IndieP E M MA
2014AminalsDead AirIndieE
2014Mountain ManRuminationThink Fast! RecordsP E M
2012Mountain ManTWOThink Fast! RecordsP E M
2012Save EndsStrenth vs WillTiny EnginesP E M MA
2011The HotelierIt Never Goes outTiny EnginesP E M MA
2008The Breathing ProcessIn Waking; DivinityFerret RecordsP E M W
2008Last LightsNo Past, No Present, No FutureThink Fast! RecordsP E M MA
2006Vanna/Therefore I AmSplitIndieP E M MA
2005VannaThis will be our little SecretIndieP E M MA

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