Joel Wanasek


Joel has been producing and mixing artists in a wide variety of genres since 2003. Having built JTW Recording from the ground up into a midwestern power house, his self-taught background in music production has given him a unique perspective on music business as well as the technical side of making music. With a finely tuned ear, Joel has found great success in mixing music for artists that have received national radio airplay and billboard success.

His compositions have been placed many times over on national television networks and other major media outlets. In the studio, he has work with artists such as Vinyl Theatre, Trapt, Machine Head, Blessthefall, The Bloodline, and many more.

Joel is also a founder of Drumforge and Unstoppable Recording Machine. Drumforge creates award winning sample libraries and audio plugins. Unstoppable Recording Machine is creating the next generation of successful audio professionals

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2015BlessthefallTo Those Left BehindFearless RecordsMix Assist
2015PhinehasTill The EndArtery RecordingsM/MA
2015Miss May IDeathlessRise RecordsMix Assist
2015AnakinCelestial Frequency ShifterNo Sleep RecordsM/MA
2014AttilaGuilty PleasuresRazor & Tie RecordsMix Assist
2014Vinyl TheatreElectrogramFueled By Ramen RecordsP/M/MA
2014TraptThe Acoustic CollectionCrash Collide RecordsMA
2014The BloodlineWe Are OneCentury Media RecordsP/M/MA
2013Righteous VendettaThe Fire InsideRed Cord RecordsP/M/MA
2010RosalineThe Vitality TheoryGood Fight MusicP

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