Joey Sturgis


Great artists innovate, true visionaries collaborate, and the most cherished among them celebrate the culture at large, contributing the skills and knowledge they’ve accumulated to the community of likeminded creators who follow in their wake.

As an educator, speaker, and fixture in the emergent modern rock music pantheon, JOEY STURGIS draws upon the reputation as a formidable music producer he earned through trial-and-error, problem solving, and meticulous attention to detail to broaden the scope of what’s possible for his fellow music lovers. Joey Sturgis Tones develops, simplifies, and ultimately makes available the tools necessary to execute the creative visions of musicians, producers, and songwriters from any walk of life.

The determination to elicit only the strongest of performances from musicians, combined with a perfectionist attention to detail, ensures that every Joey Sturgis recording demonstrates his service to the music. Starting at a very young age, Sturgis summoned his innate gift for problem solving to develop the skills necessary to capture definitive moments in any given artists’ career, because he deeply believes music should be timeless and songs must last forever. In that same spirit, Sturgis embarked on multiple entrepreneurial ventures to share what he’s learned.

Working with CreativeLive, his fellow producers and business advisors on a variety of production education oriented projects, Sturgis enthusiastically shares his tips and tricks on preproduction, engineering, songwriting, arrangements, mixing fundamentals, common mistakes, recording, editing, automation, volume balance, and much more. He proudly puts his stamp on audio plug-ins, pod farm presents, impulse response packs, and other real world applicable products through Joey Sturgis Tones, closing the gap to make A-list recording processes more accessible.

Sturgis knows how to make music sound larger than life, digging deeply to highlight the most optimized comic book superhero version of what each musician has to offer. Nothing slips through the cracks. The fruits of his laborious process are evident in genre-defining albums, including the best work of Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, We Came As Romans, Blessthefall, and The Devil Wears Prada. Building his impressive discography, Sturgis quickly found that what’s most important is the end result, the records that audiences are inspired by and connect with emotionally.

Featured Records

“Emmure”“Atilla”“Asking“Attack“TDWP“ “CNCC”


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2015Now and on EarthBlacked OutEpitaph RecordsMa
2015Miss May IDeathlessRise RecordsMa / M / P
2015blessthefallTo Those Left BehindFearless RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2014EmmureEternal EnemiesVictory RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2014Buried in VeronaFacelessUNFDE / Ma / M / P /
2014AttilaGuilty PleasureRazor & Tie RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2014Crown the EmpireThe Resistance: Rise of the RunawaysRise RecordsMa
2013AttilaAbout That LifeRazor & Tie RecordsE / Ma / M / P / Pr
2013DangerkidsCollapseRise RecordsMa / M /
2013Asking AlexandriaFrom Death to DestinySumerian RecordsE / P / Pr
2013I See StarsNew DemonsSumerian RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2013Chunk! No Captain Chunk!Pardon My FrenchFearless RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2013Born of OsirisTomorrow We Die AliveSumerian RecordsMa / M /
2013These HeartsYours To TakeVictory RecordsMa /
2012The Acacia StrainDeath Is the Only MortalRise RecordsMa /
2012I See StarsDigital RenegadeSumerian RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2012Everyone Dies In UtahPolaritiesTragic Hero RecordsMa /
2012Before Their EyesRedemptioninVogue RecordsMa /
2012EmmureSlave to the GameVictory RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2012A Hero a FakeThe Future AgainVictory RecordsMa / M / P /
2012Crown the EmpireThe FalloutRise RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2011The Devil Wears PradaDead ThroneRise RecordsP
2011The Air I BreatheGreat Faith in FoolsRise RecordsMa / M /
2011The Color MoraleMy Devil in Your EyesRise RecordsE / Ma / M / P
2011Asking AlexandriaReckless & RelentlessRise RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2011EmmureSpeaker of the DeadVictory RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2011Asking AlexandriaStepped Up and ScratchedSumerian RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2011I See StarsThe End of the World PartySumerian RecordsMa /
2011BorgoreThe Filthiest Hits... So FarE / Ma / M / P /
2011Of Mice & MenThe FloodRise RecordsMa / M / P /
2011Ten After TwoTruth Is...Ma /
2011We Came as RomansUnderstanding What We've Grown to BeEqual Vision RecordsE / Ma / M / P / Pr
2010Attack Attack!Attack Attack!Rise RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2010Us From OutsideInspired by the Threat of FailureE / Ma / M / P /
2010Miss May IMonumentRise RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2010AffianceNo Secret RevealedMa /
2010Of Mice & MenOf Mice & MenRise RecordsMa / M / P /
2010I Am AbominationTo Our ForefathersE / Ma / M / P /
2010Before Their EyesUntouchableE / Ma / M / P /
2010The Devil Wears PradaZombie EPRise RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2009Miss May IApologies Are for the WeakRise RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2009A Plea for PurgingDepravityE / Ma / M / P / Pr
2009OceanoDepthsE / Ma / M / P / Pr
2009Let's Get ItDigital Spaces EPE / Ma / M / P /
2009The Crimson ArmadaGuardiansE / M / P / Pr
2009Woe of TyrantsKingdom of MightE / Ma / P /
2009Settle the SkyNow That We're WaitingE / Ma / M /
2009For the Fallen DreamsRelentlessE / Ma / M / P /
2009Asking AlexandriaStand Up and ScreamSumerian RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2009We Came as RomansTo Plant a SeedEqual Vision RecordsE / Ma / M / P / Pr
2009The Color MoraleWe All Have DemonsRise RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2009The Devil Wears PradaWith Roots Above and Branches BelowRise RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2008Kingston FallsArmada on MercuryE / Ma / M / P /
2008Sea of TreacheryAt Dagger's DrawnE / Ma / M / P /
2008Burden of a DayBlessed Be Our Ever AfterE / Ma / M / P /
2008Take It BackCan't Fight RobotsE / Ma / M / P /
2008For the Fallen DreamsChangesE / Ma / M / P /
2008Attack Attack!Someday Came SuddenlyRise RecordsE / Pr / Ma / M / P /
2008Before Their EyesThe Dawn of My DeathMa / M / P /
2008MyChildren MyBrideUnbreakablePr / P /
2007Never AgainAgainst the RestAudio E / E / Ma / M /
2007Every Bridge BurnedAun AprendoMa / M / P /
2007Before Their EyesBefore Their EyesE / P
2007From the ShallowsBeyond the UnknownP
2007Death VirginiaDear BrothersMa / M /
2007The Devil Wears PradaPlaguesRise Records E / Ma / M / P /
2007At the Throne of JudgmentThe Arcanum OrderE / Ma / M / P /
2007EmarosaThis Is Your Way OutRise RecordsE / Ma / M / P /
2007Kiss the GunnerWhy Are We So Dead?P
2006The Devil Wears PradaDear Love: A Beautiful DiscordRise RecordsE / M / P /

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