Josh Emerick (Videographer)

Zanesville, OH

With about a decade’s worth of visual knowledge collectively, JECP has crafted together a solid team of hands who can get the job done, no matter what the job is. With the past 6 years mainly being devoted to the music industry, from a visual marketing and branding sense, JECP always tends to put our best foot forward with production quality being what the artist or brand needs.

Over the last few years we’ve really focused on becoming more than a “photo & video production team” and moved towards what more closely resembles a marketing team at it’s core. Our goal isn’t to point a camera at someone and call it day. Our goal is to use our cameras as a tool to help further develop what we are indeed pointing it at. What this, a lot comes into consideration on our end.

With strong attention to details, JECP tries to make each project different, so each client gets a unique end result, that in turn best suits them. This attitude spans from not only the quality through camera, but the quality we try to assure through actual interaction with our team. We always want to build a relationship with our client, not only to leave a lasting impression, but to better find out those ever-so-important details we spoke of earlier.

Getting to know our clients and their wants + needs is what we do best. We just so happen to create visual pieces out of that relationship, which, in the end, help everyone involved build a better brand.

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