Joshua Garcia


Josh Garcia’s interest in music and recording began at an early age, with a 4-track cassette machine and picking up the drums. But it was his first studio session, recording his first band’s first (and only) demo in a studio, that mesmerized him and began his fascination with the world of audio engineering. It was then that he knew he had found his calling.

In the summer of 1997, Josh began as an intern at Time Bomb Records in Laguna Beach, CA. A few years later, he moved up the California coast to Sausalito, where he interned at The Plant for 6 months. Making his way to San Francisco, where he currently resides, he began working nights in rock clubs, getting to know the various aspects of live sound, while also spending his days working in the famous Hyde Street Studios. It was here that he took in anything and everything thrown his way by the studio’s staff of highly talented and experienced engineers and producers, absorbing a wealth of knowledge and gaining much valuable experience.

Garcia is highly passionate for all things audio, including creative advances in audio production. His audio upbringing and work ethic are deeply rooted in old school production techniques such as analog tape recording and capturing live “Off the floor” takes stemming from his experiences with engineers and producers including Dominic Camardella (Santa Barbara Sound Design) and the late, great Don Smith (Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, U2). As a younger engineer, however, he also incorporates a very modern approach to production. Having learned from his time assisting forward-thinking and talented engineers like Matt Kelly (SF), Russ Elevado (NYC), Bill Stevenson (CO), and Ben Hillier (UK), Garcia follows in their footsteps by utilizing many modern production techniques as well.

Currently Josh is a studio Manager at Motor Studios in San Francisco as well as a freelance engineer available for Studio work, live sound FOH or Monitor engineer and able to travel for projects.

Featured Records

“Depeche“NOFX”“NOFX”“Me“The “Swingin’


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2015 The White BaronsElectric RevengeGear Head/Champagne and CocaineP / E / M
2015Ryan DavidsonA Wick Burning HighBusted Bodies P / E / M
2015The IncitersStop/Everytime (7" Single)NoneE / M
2015The IncitersSummertime/Just A Little More (7" Single)NoneE / M
2015Leftover CrackFuck World Trade - ReissueFat Wreck ChordsE / M
2015Darius KoskiSisuFat Wreck ChordsP / E / M
2015Home Street HomeHome Street Home Fat Wreck ChordsE
2015The Real MckenziesRats In The BurlapFat Wreck ChordsP / E / M
2014Uke HuntUke HuntFat Wreck ChordsP / E / M
2014Me First And The Gimme GimmesAre We Not Men? We Are DivaFat Wreck ChordsE
2014Wild Eyes S.F. Above Becomes BelowHeavy Psych SoundsP / E / M
2014Get DeadBygons 7"Fat Wreck ChordsP / E / M
2013HeWhoCannotBeNamedLove/HateMusic Cannot Be NamedE
2013NOFXStoke ExtinguisherFat Wreck ChordsE
2013Swingin' UttersStuck In A CircleFat Wreck ChordsE / M
2013VariusThe Songs Of Tony Sly: A TributeFat Wreck ChordsE / M
2013Get DeadBad NewsFat Wreck ChordsP / E / M
2012Get DeadTall Cans And Loose EndsNoneP / E / M
2012The Custom KicksThe Custom KicksSilver Sprocket Bicycle ClubM / MA
2010HeWhoCannotBeNamedSundaySchoolMassacreNo Balls RecordsE
2009Depeche ModeSounds Of The UniverseMuteE
2009NOFXBackstage PassportFat Wreck ChordsE
2009Candy NowCandy NowGreedyE
2008Matt BaldwinPaths Of IgnitionAmerican DustE
2008Good RiddanceRemain In Memory: The Final ShowFat Wreck ChordsE
2007Michael JantzSnapshots Of The UniverseRuby RecordsE
2007The White BaronsUp All NightGearheadE / M
2006The Chop TopsTripple DeucesSwillbilly,Split SevenE
2006Meric LongDodo BirdNoneE

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