Justin Perkins


Justin is an audio engineer specializing in mastering music, as well as sweetening audio for video productions. After working as a producer/engineer at several studios around Wisconsin including Smart Studios, Simple Studios, Blast House Studios, and a handful of others, he eventually opened his own dedicated mastering studio in Milwaukee, WI back in 2008.

Mystery Room Mastering has mastered projects for a wide variety of artists spanning many genres. Many releases are released on vinyl, CD, digital distribution, and cassette, so Justin is well versed in optimizing your material for each format. Mystery Room Mastering features an analog/digital hybrid with quality analog gear and a large selection of digital plugins.

When not in the studio he still plays a bit of live music. 2008-2011 was spent playing bass for Screeching Weasel. Some bands and artists he played with prior to that would be Yesterday’s Kids, and The Obsoletes. More recently he has filled in on bass with Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, the Paul Collins Beat and is currently doing live dates playing bass for Tommy Stinson (Replacements/Guns 'n Roses).

Featured Records

“Tommy“Screeching“The“Smoking“Screeching “Tenement”


Master A Song

Get your song mastered including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2016Miles Nielsen & The Rusted HeartsHeavy MetalRotown RecordsMA
2016Trapper SchoeppRangers & ValentinesXtra Mile RecordingsMA
2016Space RaftRubiconDusty Medical RecordsMA
2015Tommy StinsonL.M.A.O.Burger RecordsM - MA
2015Midnight RerunsForce Of NurtureDusty Medical RecordsM - MA
2015TenementPredatory HeadlightsDon Giovanni RecordsM - MA
2015Screeching WeaselBaby Fact (Act 1)Recess RecordsMA
2015PhylumsPhylum PhyloidDirtnap RecordsMA
2014The Gaslight AnthemThe B-SidesSide One DummyMA
2014Archie Powell & The ExportsBack In BlackGood Land RecordsMA
2013Smoking PopesBorn To Quit (reissue)Side One DummyMA
2011Screeching WeaselFirst World ManifestoFat Wreck ChordsE - M - MA
2010JaillThat’s How We BurnSubPop RecordsM - MA
2010The Goodnight LovingSupper ClubDirtnap RecordsM - MA
2008Cory Chisel And The Wandering SonsCabin Ghosts SonyM - E
2002Yesterday’s KidsCan’t Hear Nothin’Lookout!P - M - W - E

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