Kevin Antreassian


Before touring the world with The Dillinger Escape Plan, I spent my time producing hundreds of records out of my studio in NJ, Backroom/Party Smasher Studios. I work with all styles of music and artists at every level. Creativity is important to me and I enjoy working closely with every client. Before I opened the studio in 2007, I graduated from William Paterson University with a Bachelors of Music in Audio Engineering and a concentration in Classical Guitar. Over the past few years, I've also had the opportunity to share the stage, both as a tech and a musician, with bands as diverse as The Deftones, Mastodon, Marilyn Manson, GWAR, Glassjaw, Slipknot, and Todd Rundgren. This experience has given me a unique perspective that I've always incorporated into my producing style.

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Record A Song

A song recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered, ready to be released. Everything included.

Mix A Song

Get your song mixed including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.

Master A Song

Get your song mastered including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2016Dillinger Escape PlanDissociationParty Smasher Inc.E
2016BereftLandsProsthetic RecordsP M E MA
2016Will Wood and the TapewormsSelf-ishIndependantP M E MA
2016Super SnakeLeap of LoveIndependantP M E MA
2016Footage of a YettiPurgin The Human ConditionIndependantP M E MA
2016Seas of WakeDepth of the MarrowIndependantP M E MA
2016SurgeonBeast of LightAnthropic RecordsM MA
2015AutomagikDark DazeOld Flame RecordsP M E MA
2015Organ DealerVisceral InfectionIndependantP M E MA
2015John The GunTread EternalIndependantP M E MA
2015GyreMoiraiIndependantM MA
2014frnkiero andthe cellabrationStomachachesStaple RecordsE
2014GridlinkLonghenaSelfmadegod RecordsM E MA
2014In The Precense of WolvesThalassasIndependantP M E
2014Science20XXIndependantP M E
2014Torrential DownpourTruth Knowledge VisionIndependantP M E MA
2014CapacitiesS/TMiddle-Man RecordsM E MA
2014Audio InsightThe EmbryoIndependantP M E MA
2014Maid MyriadWith Haste On Its BreathNefarious IndustriesM E MA
2013El DrugstorePlague ShipNefarious IndustriesM MA
2013TowersInto The VoidIndependantM MA
2012Adrenaline MobOmertaCentury MediaE
2012Foxy ShazamThe Church of Rock and RollI.R.S.E
2012Meek is MurderInto the SunRising Pulse RecordsM E
2011IntensusIntensusMetal Blade RecordsE M
2010Return to EarthAutomataMetal Blade RecordsE
2009The Number Twelve Looks Like YouWorse than AloneEyeball RecordsP E
2009Trophy ScarsBad LuckIndependantP E

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