Kris Crummett


In 2014 Kris had two Billboard Top 10 records. Issues debuted at #9 and Crown The Empire debuted at #7 on the Billboard top 200. In 2015 Dance Gavin Dance's Instant Gratification debuted at #31 on the Billboard Top 200 charts and #18 on overall albums sold and their record "Mothership" debuted at #13 on the Billboard top 200 this year.

In the past 13 years, Producer/Engineer Kris Crummett has worked with hundreds of bands and many labels around the globe. In 2014 he's had two Billboard Top 10 records (Issues "Issues" #9 and Crown The Empire "The Resistance" #7) and Sleeping with Sirens' "Let's Cheers To This" has gone Silver. On top of that SWS's #1 single on youtube, "If You Can't Hang", has reached over 35 million views. Priding himself with his ability to work efficiently anywhere while still having Interlace Audio as his home­base in Portland, OR.

Interlace Audio was founded by Kris in 2002 after years of recording his own bands and getting burnt out on his day job as a city park landscaper. With in the first year of IA, at the age of 20, he produced successful albums for Anatomy of A Ghost, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Crosstide and LKN making the studio an instant hit.

By 2008 Kris had worked with almost every notable indie label, bands from every state in America, tracked vocals for one of his favorite vocalists Chino Moreno (Deftones) and produced an EP in Australia for Closure in Moscow. At this point in time it only seemed logical to expand and upgrade by teaming up with longtime friend and experienced producer Stephan Hawkes. In January of 2009 they opened up the new Interlace Audio with two full recording studios, multiple practice spaces and a tube amp/guitar restoration/creation shop (Howertone Audio).

In 2009 at the new IA Kris wrote, produced and performed on Jonny Craig's album "A Dream Is Question You Don't Know How To Answer" along with producing chart topping records for Closure In Moscow (from Australia), Dance Gavin Dance, Alesana, And PM Today.

In 2010 Kris found himself back in Australia for 3 months producing album's for Secrets in Scale and We Are The Emergency. Then back in the states to make sweet harmony with Tides of Man, Eyes Like Diamonds, Artifex Pereo and Scarlett O'Hara. In 2011 Kris produced his first album with Florida's Sleeping With Sirens, second album with North Carolina's Alesana, and fourth album with California's Dance Gavin Dance.

Kris also teaches online recording and producing classes purchasable through Creative Live.

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2016IssuesHeadspaceRise RecordsP/M/E/MA
2016Avion RoeIn SeparationEpitaph RecordsP/M/E/MA
2016Like PacificDistant Like You AskedPure NoiseMA
2015SECRETSEverything That Got Us HereRise RecordsMA
2015TilianPerfect EnemyVitalP/M/E/MA
2015Knuckle PuckCopaceticRise RecordsMA
2015I the MightyConnectorEqual Vision RecordsM/MA
2015IdlehandsDena MoraEqual Vision RecordsP
2015The Story So FarThe Story So FarPure NoiseMA
2015The Early NovemberImbueRise RecordsMA
2015EidolaDegeneraterraBlue Swan RecordsMA
2015AlesanaConfessionsRevival RecordingsMA
2015Dance Gavin DanceInstant GratificationRise RecordsP
2015Madam OfficerMadam Officer [EP]Self-ReleasedMA
2015ConceptsTransitionsSelf ReleasedMA
2015Tyler CarterLeave Your LoveRise RecordsMA
2014StolasAllomaternalBlue Swan RecordsP
2014InamorataInamorataSelf ReleasedMA
2014Hail The SunWakeBlue Swan RecordsMA
2014Crown The EmpireThe Resistance: Rise of the RunawaysRise RecordsMixing
2014SlavesThrough Art We Are All EqualsArtery RecordingsP
2014Artifex PereoTime In PlaceTooth & Nail RecordsP/M/E/MA
2014Miss FortuneA Spark To BelieveSumerian RecordsP/M/E/MA
2014Efecto AmaliaLa repúblicaSRD StudiosM/MA
2014AlesanaThe Decade EPArtery RecordingsMA
2013IssuesIssuesRise RecordsEP/P/M/E/MA
2013Japanese Tongue-SistersTBAN/AP
2013Icarus The OwlIcarus The OwlTBAP
2013A Lot Like BirdsNo PlaceEqual Vision RecordsP/M/E/MA
2013Dance Gavin DanceAcceptance SpeechRise RecordsMA
2013Bleach BlondeStarving ArtistRise RecordsP/M/E/MA
2013ApolloWe Must Be Feeling The MoonN/AP
2013Night VersesLift Your ExistenceEasy Killer RecordsP/M/E/MA
2013I Can Make A MessEnolaRise RecordsMA
2013FallstarBackdraftFacedown RecordsP/M/E/MA
2013TilianMaterial MeVital RecordsMA
2013IdlehandsCommon SoulInvogue RecordsP
2013Cinema SleepMake Your WayStandby RecordsP
2013Message Through MotionEarthshakerSelf ReleasedP
2012Tempting In ParisPolaroids In JulyRevival RecordingsP
2012IssuesBlack DiamondsRise RecordsP/M/E/MA
2012Night VersesOut Of The SkyEasy Killer RecordsP
2012Further Seems ForeverPenny BlackRise RecordsMA
2012American MeIIIRise RecordsP
2012AltarsConclusionsFacedown RecordsMA
2012In DependenceRealidad Sin Fantasia/Reality Without FantasyThe Juapi MusicM/MA
2012Electric JesusDesert MouthSelf ReleasedP
2011AlesanaA Place Where The Sun Is SilentEpitaph RecordsP/M/E
2011A Lot Like BirdsConversation PieceDoghouse RecordsP
2011Man OverboardMan OverboardRise RecordsMA
2011Arms Like Yours.Architect.Self ReleasedP
2011Artifex PereoAilments & AntidotesSelf ReleasedP
2011MachreeChangerSelf ReleasedP
2011The Orphan, The PoetTranslatingSelf ReleasedP
2011Eyes Like DiamondsFrequenciesTragic Hero RecordsP
2011Sleeping With SirensLet's Cheers to ThisRise RecordsP/M/E/MA/Inst
2011Dance Gavin DanceDowntown Battle Mountain IIRise RecordsP/M/E/MA
2011DecoderDecoderRise RecordsMA
2010Tides of ManDreamhouseRise RecordsP
2010Scarlett O'HaraLost In ExistenceRise RecordsP
2010Bizzy BoneCrossroads 2010Sumerian RecordsP
2010EmarosaEmarosaRise RecordsVE/VP
2010We Are The EmergencyWhispers & FragmentsFirestarter MusicP
2010OceanaClean HeadRise RecordsMA
2010AlesanaThe EmptinessFearless RecordsP
2010PMtodayIn Media ResRise RecordsP
2010Rags & RibbonsE.PSelf ReleasedP
2009Jonny CraigA Dream Is a Question You Don't Know How to AnswerRise RecordsP/E/MA/W/Inst
2009Dance Gavin DanceHappinessRise RecordsP
2009Closure In MoscowFirst TempleEqual Vision RecordsP
2009ElenoraIn Reality I AmSelf-ReleasedP
2009LoomSelva MolhadaExigent RecordsP
2009CatherineInside OutRise RecordsP
2009No Bragging RightsConsequence Of DreamsPure Noise RecordsP
2009In Fear and FaithYour World On FireRise RecordsP
2008In:Aviate1985Rise RecordsP
2008Dance Gavin DanceDance Gavin DanceRise RecordsP
2008EmarosaRelativityRise RecordsP
2008Lower DefinitionThe Greatest of All Lost ArtsFerret MusicP
2008We Are The EmergencySeizureFirestarter MusicP
2008In:AviateSpeakRise RecordsP
2008Closure In MoscowThe Penance and The PatienceTaperjean RecordsP
2008Dead And DivineThe FancifulRise RecordsP
2008American MeHeatRise RecordsP
2008Here I Come FallingOh Grave, Where Is Thy VictoryRise RecordsP
2008Along Way HomeSolaceTorque RecordsP
2007Her CandaneNo BattleTribunal RecordsP
2007CatherineThe NaturalsRise RecordsP
2007Prize CountryLottery of RecognitionExigent RecordsP
2007LKNPostulate IIGrayday ProductionsP
2007I Am The Ocean...And Your City Needs SwallowingUprising RecordsP
2007Dance Gavin DanceDowntown Battle MountainRise RecordsP
2007It PrevailsThe InspirationRise RecordsP
2007KaddisflySet Sail The PrairieHopeless RecordsP
2006Dance Gavin DanceWhatever I Say Is Royal OceanRise RecordsMA
2006KaddisflySeasonsHopeless RecordsP
2006Broadway CallsCall The MedicState Of Mind RecordsE
2006The Devil Wears PradaDear Love: A Beautiful DiscordRise RecordsMA
2006CatherineRumor Has ItRise RecordsMA
2006Drop Dead, GorgeousIn VogueRise RecordsP
2006LKNPostulate 1Greyday ProductionsP
2005A Fall FarewellWhen Us Trouble Befalls and the Secrecy EnthrallsRise RecordsMA
2005CrosstideLife As A SpectatorSlowdance RecordsE
2005Coretta ScottScream & ShoutRise RecordsP
2005Clarity ProcessKilling The PrecedentRise RecordsP/W/Inst
2005Still Life ProjectorDance RiotRise RecordsP
2005Inked In BloodLay Waste The PoetsFacedown RecordsEditing
2004LKNIn The Leap YearGreyday ProductionsP
2004Lonely KingsIdes Of MarchRise RecordsM/E
2004Fear Before The March Of FlamesOdd How People ShakeRise RecordsP
2003Anatomy Of A GhostEvanesceRise Records/Fearless RecordsP
2002CrosstideSeventeen Nautical MilesRise RecordsM/E

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