Lewis Johns


A graduate of SAE London and over 15 years recording experience under his belt, Lewis has established himself as one of the go-to-producers for breakthrough and established punk, rock and hardcore bands in the UK and further afield.

His career has seen him work with the likes of Funeral For a Friend, Rolo Tomassi, Gnarwolves, Muncie Girls, Grieved, Svalbard, Bastions, Sharks, We Never Learned To Live, More Than Life, Vales, Palm Reader, Employed To Serve and more.

'My aim is to capture the energy, feel and excitement of a live show wherever possible, whilst not shying away from using studio techniques to make the best possible sounding recording. My goal is to work with you in any capacity, whether it be full pre-production and song arrangements, tracking, mixing and mastering to achieve a finished product that stands the test of time'

Featured Records

“Gnarwolves”“Rolo“Funeral“Sharks”“Muncie “More


Record A Song

A song recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered, ready to be released. Everything included.

Mix A Song

Get your song mixed including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.

Master A Song

Get your song mastered including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2016Muncie GirlsFrom Caplan To BelsizeSpecialist Subject Records, Uncle MP, M, E
2016RopeManteision BodolaethFlood, TruthseekerM, E, MA
2016More Than LifeLove Let Me GoHoly RoarM
2016GrievedGrievedProsthetic RecordsP, M, E
2016Terrible LoveChange NothingBig Scary Monsters, Through LoveP, M, E
2015GnarwolvesAdolescenceBig Scary MonstersP, M, E
2015Rolo TomassiGrievancesIpecac, Holy RoarP, M, E
2015SvalbardOne Day All This Will EndHoly RoarP, M, E
2015Funeral For a FriendHours / Live at Islington AcademyEnd Hits M, MA
2015Human FutureSpectrumTruthseekerP, M, E
2015Totem SkinWeltschmerzAdagio830, Halo Of Flies, Protagonist MusicP, M, E
2015Palm ReaderBeside The Ones We LoveIATDEP, M, E
2015Employed To ServeGreyer Than You RememberHoly RoarP, M, E
2015EvraLightbearerPrime CollectiveP, M, E
2015We Never Learned To LiveSilently, We Threw Them SkywardHoly Roar, Through LoveP, M, E
2015Your DemiseThe Kids We Will Always Be (Live)Your DemiseM, MA
2015ParisoPariso Tangled Talk, Holy Roar P, M, E
2014GnarwolvesGnarwolvesBig Scary MonstersP, M, E
2014Funeral For a FriendChapter and VerseDistiller, RoadrunnerM, E
2014Up RiverUndertowHoly RoarP, M, E
2014Goodtime BoysRainBridge 9P, M, E, W
2014HexisAbalamMusic Fear Satan, Halo of FliesP, M, E
2014Grand CollapseFar From The Callous Crowd1859 RecordsM, E,
2014Crows-An-WraKalopsiaAdagio830, Middle-Man Records, Boslevan Records, Wolf Town DIY, Barely Regal RecordsM, E, MA
2014We Never Learned To LiveWe Never Learned To LiveTrueloveP, M, E
2014Rough HandsNothing’s ChangedHoly RoarP, M, E, MA
2013ParisoConsanguinityTangled TalkP, M, E
2013SharksSelfhoodRise RecordsP, M ,E
2013Totem SkinStill Waters Run DeepDog KnightsP, M, E, MA
2013GnarwolvesFunemployedBig Scary MonstersP, M, E
2013Self Defense Family/Goodtime BoysSplit EPPalm ReaderP, M, E, MA
2013GrapplerEverything I’ve Ever FearedDog KnightsP, M, E
2013The CatharsisRomanceSpeedowaxP, M, E
2013Conan / BongripperConan / BongripperHoly RoarMA
2012GnarwolvesCRUDay By Day, Tangled TalkP, M, E
2012The Long HaulDebtorsTangled TalkP, M, E, W
2012ValesClarity6131, Tangled TalkP, M, E
2012The Tidal SleepThe Tidal SleepThis Charming ManP, M
2011BastionsHospital CornersIATDEP, M, E, MA

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