Mike Kalajian


As the son of an audio technician/audiophile I was exposed to music and recording equipment at a very early age. My parents told me my first word was actually "speaker". I always found that pretty funny. When I was young we shared a duplex with my uncle, who is an excellent musician and always had a nice home recording setup. I remember being fascinated by the console, monitoring, and patch bay. Even more so listening to Peter Gabriel's "So" on whatever speakers my father had that week and wondering "How do they make these sounds?".

When I was 8 or 9 years old I was given my first guitar along with a 1/4 inch reel to reel and immediately started writing and recording my own music.

A friend and I built our first basement "studio" in junior high and started recording fellow student musicians for $20/song on a cassette 4-track.
Later on i'd attend Full Sail under my parents insistence that I get a college degree of some kind. Every minute outside of my studies were spent recording,mixing, and mastering (some nationally distributed) albums out of my dorm and a storage unit i'd rented to be my drum room!

Cut to 20+ years later, i've recorded over a hundred albums and Ep's for other artists, toured with my own band, and mastered countless recordings. Of all the facets of engineering I found Mastering to be the most rewarding for me. Fine tuning the sonics of a mix to help it convey the intended emotion while helping it translate on a wide range of playback systems became the brackish space between art and science in which I thrived.

Featured Records

“Saosin”“Gates”“Prawn““Moving“I “Against


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Get your song mastered including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2016Circa SurviveOn Letting Go 10th Anniversary EditionEqual Vision RecordsMA
2016The Dear HunterAct V: Hymns With The Devil In ConfessionalEqual Vision RecordsMA
2016Giraffe Tongue OrchestraBroken LinesParty Smasher Inc.MA
2016EmmureRussian Hotel Aftermath / TorchSharptone RecordsMA
2016Senses FailIn Your AbsencePure Noise RecordsMA
2016OwelDear MeEqual Vision RecordsMA
2016SaosinAlong The ShadowEpitaph RecordsMA
2016The Bouncing SoulsTBARise RecordsMA
2016Against The CurrentIn Our BonesFueled By Ramen RecordsMA
2016GatesParallel LivesPure Noise RecordsMA
2016Hail The SunTBAEqual Vision RecordsMA
2016ExwhyThe FeelsOther People RecordsMA
2015Moving Mountains / PrawnSplit EPTriple Crown RecordsMA
2015The MosersTiconderogaSelf Released RecordsMA
2015Moving MountainsPnuemaTopshelf RecordsMA
2015888The Decades EPSelf ReleasedMA
2015AidenS/TSelf ReleasedMA
2015Against The CurrentGravitySelf ReleasedMA
2015Black Coast Ft. M. MaggieTRNDSTTRSelf ReleasedMA
2015Black Coast Ft. M. MaggieEnoughSelf ReleasedMA
2015Black Coast Ft. M. MaggieRideSelf ReleasedMA
2015Black Coast Ft. Madison LoveNo FilterSelf ReleasedMA
2015Black Coast Ft. RemmiGold ChainSelf ReleasedMA
2015CaravelaCaravela ForeverSelf ReleasedMA
2015Kill FerelliBastards and SweetheartsSelf ReleasedMA
2015Oso OsoReal Stories of True People, Who Kind of Looked Like Monsters . . .Self ReleasedMA
2014PrawnKingfisherTopshelf RecordsMA
2014MeridianThe Awful TruthVictory RecordsMA
2014Against The CurrentInfinitySelf ReleasedMA
2014Angela JohnsonNaturally MePurpose RecordsMA
2013NghbrsTwenty One RoomsMA
2011Moving MountainsWavesTriple Crown RecordsMA
2011I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s BusinessGold RushAmerican Dream RecordsMA
2011Kid JerusalemWarshipSelf ReleasedMA
2011With The PunchesKeep It GoingHang Tight RecordsMA
2008Ace Enders And A Million Different PeopleThe Secret WarsSelf ReleasedMA

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