Mike Kennerty

Oklahoma City, OK

Hey! I'm Mike. I'm most known for playing guitar in the All-American Rejects, but I also spend a lot of my time recording bands.

As a producer I'm pretty hands-on and like to concentrate on song development. Basically, I really give a shit about the records I work on and want to make sure the songs are the best they can be (and something that I’d actually want to jam when it's done!). Also, as someone who has spent a lot of time on both sides of a board, I like to make sure everyone is comfortable and actually enjoying the recording experience. I’ve worked with enough assholes (talented folks, but assholes nonetheless) to know what not to do during a session. This shit should be fun…

I work out of my home studio based in the Oklahoma City area, but also travel a lot depending on the band's needs. Check out my discography below. Get in touch! Thanks!

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Record A Song

A song recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered, ready to be released. Everything included.

Mix A Song

Get your song mixed including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.

Master A Song

Get your song mastered including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2015Screeching WeaselBaby Fat, Act 1RecessP / E
2014The CopyrightsReportRed ScareP / E
2014The CopyrightsNo KnocksFat Wreck ChordsP / E
2013They Stay DeadBruise Bannerself-releasedP / E
2013Direct Hit!Brainless GodRed ScareP / E
2013PartnersSixesself-releasedP / E
2011They Stay DeadCursedDeath To False HopeP / E
2011Screeching WeaselCarnival of SchadenfreudeRecessP / E
2011Screeching WeaselFirst World ManifestoFat Wreck ChordsP / E
2011They Stay Deads/tDeath To False HopeP / E
2010The City Livess/tEdmondP / E / M
2007Ben WeaselThese Ones Are BitterAsian ManP / E

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