Roger Lima


I was lucky to grow up on music. After piano, viola, guitar and drums, these days I'm mostly known for being the bass player in Less Than Jake. Along that path I've had the privilege to work with some amazing and inspiring producers, engineers and mixers. I would always take notes, ask questions and obsess over every detail of music production, amassing techniques, tricks and ways of doing things that can't be learned in schools, really digging into editing and mix automation. (I started my love affair with Pro Tools in 1998)

During any downtime from touring life, I’ve been recording bands, adding gear and steadily building my studio. The Moat House is now in full swing. It's a place with a bunch of great instruments and recording gear, some bunk beds and lots of vibe to grab on to. Specializing in tracking and arrangement, I've got my arsenal ready to go and I love working with bands, acoustic solo artists and friends when I'm not tracking my own stuff. I've always enjoyed all of the mixing and mastering work via email and I'm always up for the challenge of working with someone else's tracks. My philosophy is basically to serve the song, realize that the devil is in the details and have an analogue mind in a digital world.

Let's get it right.

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“Less“Less“Less“Rehasher”“Teen “We


Record A Song

A song recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered, ready to be released. Everything included.

Mix A Song

Get your song mixed including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.

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Get your song mastered including three rounds of giving your input for revisions.


2015RehasherMake The NoiseMoathouseP / E / W
2015RehasherClock Smash!Saint NovemberP / E / W
2014Morning FattyResistance Fatty RecordsP / E
2014We Are The UnionKeep It down Paper and PlastikP / E
2013Less Than JakeSee The LightFat WreckP / E / W
2014Teen AgersI Hate ItAnchorlessP / E
2012Less Than JakeTV EPSleep It OffP / E
2011Less Than JakeGreeting and SalutaionsFat WreckP / E / W
2009RehasherHigh Speed Access To My BrainPaper and PlastikP / E / W
2014GreenhornI Want MoreAnchorless/Saint NovemberP / E / W
2008Less Than JakeGNV FLASleep It OffP / E / W
2015Bargain Bin HeroesBargin Bin HeroesN/AMA
N/ADopaminesExpect The WorstPaper and PlastikP / E
N/ACoffee ProjectEasy Does ItPaper and PlastikM / MA
N/AThreepwoodN/AN/AM / MA
N/AFirst StepN/ABandcampM / MA
N/AJenarchy3 song EPBandcampP / E / W / M / MA
2012-2014Grab BagVarious EPsBandcampM/MA
2013Waxed Curbs4 song EPBandcampP / E
N/AJason Nice GuyN/AN/AP / E / M / MA
N/AWhippersnapperAppearances Wear ThinFueled By RamenP / E / M
N/AThree Cents ShortN/AN/AMA
N/AMegafonzieN/AN/AM / MA

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