Sam Guaiana


Hailing from the Greater Toronto Area, Sam is no stranger to the music scene. Starting with playing drums at age 13, he quickly went on to steady gigging and touring. At age 14, after acquiring some entry level recording gear, he started to teach himself the ins and outs of the craft, recording anything and everything that came his way to learn more. After highschool, Sam had enrolled into Seneca's Independent Music Production program, further honing in on recording and production, as well as better developing his business and songwriting skills.

Armed with a more focused grasp on different ends of the industry, Sam has since gone on to record hundreds of songs, and help develop the sound of many local artists. His assiduous work ethic, coupled with his countless hours recording has helped him earn a healthy reputation in the music scene. He has releases out on Pure Noise Records, Rise Records, Mutant League Records, TDR Records, Kick Rock Invasion and Bullion in Japan, as well as many smaller, local labels across the US and Canada.

Sam also plays drums in July and Love You To Death, and has also toured Canada and the US multiple times, as well as touring Japan. He is currently a full-time musician and producer/engineer based out of Toronto, Ontario

Featured Records

“Like“Rarity”“Broadside““July”“Coldfront“ “Heavy


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2015Like PacificDistant Like You AskedPure Noise RecordsP / E / W
2015RarityEverything That I Am And Still; YouRise RecordsW
2015SplitfistStraigh Outta HaltonWe Are TriumphantP / E / M
2015Rob MoirAdventure HandbookUnderground OperationsN/A
2015We Were SharksTwo Song EPN/AP / E / M
2015HousingSelf Titled EPMutant League RecordsP / E / M
2015Like PacificSelf Titled EPPure Noise RecordsP / E
2015RarityAlive In Your EyesRise RecordsP / E / M
2015Heavy HeartsSomewhere, A While AgoN/AP / E / M
2015PartycatAmerican'tN/AP / E / M / MA
2014HarbourGrade School SummerBullion (Japan)P / E / M
2014Fighting SeasonWeatheredNo Place RecordsP / E / M / W
2014Spoot HawkA Good HaulN/AM
2014DownstreamAs Winter Fades AwayN/AP / E / M
2014UndercastWelcome Home EPN/AE / M
2014Forever CadenceSomething GreaterN/AP / E / M / W
2014ColdfrontSome Things Never ChangeN/AP / E / M
2014Skyway AvenueSmall TalkN/AE / M
2013JulyWhat We Signed Up ForTDR/Kick Rock InvasionP / E / M / W
2013BroadsideStoryteller (Single)Victory RecordsP / E / M / MA
2013HomageHomage/Altona SplitN/AP / E / M
2013HarbourAll My Exes Are Dead To MeBullion (Japan)P / E / M
2013ColdfrontSelf Titled EPN/AP / E / M
2013Fighting SeasonHere's To Starting OverN/AP / E / M
2012ThunderhawksTonguesN/AP / E / M
2011JulyThe Best NightsN/AP / E / M / W
2011Alaska MayCity On StiltsN/AP / E / M / W

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